Beauty salon bed material and features brief introducation

Frame material: usually for wooden , iron, stainless steel and aluminum frame,  cost of wood is relatively high, followed by Aluminum and stainless steel frame. iron cheap but disadvantage is that after a long time, the paint will fall off, Wood bed frame reliability is higher, and feel top grade.

Fillng sponge : Use hard and soft sponge to match , to ensure comfort but also to No deformation and high resilience. Fabric with leather.

Normal size: length 190cm * width 70cm * height 65cm  ,usually both wooden massage table and electric beauty bed can be made height ajustable

Some people now more and more chose to  buy massage table online ,in order to buy the best massage equipment should based on the size and style of store , and also your budget.

Beautician bed can easily adjust the angle, classified into electric adjustment, pneumatic adjustment,Manual three methods of adjustment. usually open an oval hole, making it easy for guests to massage, body breathing.



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