Hair Salon Decoration Design Create Personalized Hair Salon

The design of the hairdressing sofa must not only be beautiful, but more importantly, have a professional atmosphere. It's better for business. The functional layout is reasonable, the color matching must be stylish and concise, and the lighting layout should be reasonable and energy-saving

1. Style positioning

In terms of style positioning, you can choose a simple and modern design with elegant colors, plus the appearance of comfortable colorful decoration embellishment, it will look more elegant and charming. The ideal hair salon design is to attract consumers through unique style.

2. The first door

The salon design of the hair salon should have an atmospheric character. It can use polycrystalline glass, stainless steel and plastic fonts to reflect its professionalism and style.

3, light color

Light colors in hair salons should be soft and not dazzle consumers. For the front desk, the hairdressing area and the hot dyeing area, there should be enough light and bright colors.

4. Space

A hair salon should be well designed and make the most of every inch of space. Ordinary hair salons are composed of: hairdressing area, dyeing area, shampoo area, washing area, rest area, reception area, etc., as well as relatively high-end hair salons. There are beauty area, fitness area and foot mu area.

5. Place the towel

The towel is used on the body of the customer, so some customers will pay special attention, so the towel can be placed to design a more distinctive shelf display, the best choice of towel is 100% cotton, the color can be light, and it must be used for daily use Soak in disinfectant for 5-10 minutes.

6. In-store color

The color tone in the store should make customers feel relaxed, comfortable and warm after sitting down. Generally, the colors in the store are mainly light colors, which make full use of the tension of relaxed employees and customers.



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