How to choose a good kids barber chair

Baby haircut is a headache for a long time, Now children's hairdressing chair can solves all these problems. it skillfully combines the children's entertainment with kid's haircut. With a unique design, it effectively alleviates child Psychology fear of haircuts. , make them feel more relax and happy . A good kids styling chair can not only easy for hairdresser's hair cutting, but also can greatly distract the children's attention. Moreover the height can be adjusted at any time to lift up and down, comfortable to sit, safe and durable,it will be even better if it incorporates children's favorite elements. For example, children's music, simulation cars, and we find all these combination for you . this kids barber chair combine two mainly parts ,the bottom hydraulic base and the above child simulation car ,the simulation car can provide enough room for kids and spark children's interest and attention, spacious, bottom large base ensure stable and safe, The load-bearing capacity reaches to 40-60kg, Truelly a specially designed for children's hair cutting.

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