How to choose a beauty bed or massage table?

When you gona buy a massage bench or beauty therapy bed online or at physical store ,apart from the price and quality ,what other issues will affect your choice? Everyone think we should find a Good mattress with high quality spa tables frame, the mattress can function perfectly. Then how to choose the suitable one for you? Today we are focues on wooden massage table .Firstly i think need in according with your salon overall decoration style and grade. Currently wooden frame is the main material on the market which give feeling more warm and comfortable, as if embraced by the nature.. In the choice of wood can be divided into cork and hardwood, hardwood density tight, heavy texture, containing less water, is suitable for long-term use . The cork (such as pine, etc.)  due to the elegant color and comfortable, in line with modern aesthetic, and become the new darling of the era, but the durability is relatively low, easy to deform for a long time.

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