How to open and successfully run a kids barber shop

Barber shops on the market are generally adult-oriented, we can find very few professional children's barber shop.which actually with great growing market potential, although the competition for opening a salon for kids  is not very big,  It still not easy to run successfully. People with more and more high requirements for children's haircuts. , For those who first time step foot in the children's hairdressing industry,  They also faced with great challenges to be successful . So today we focus on the issue how to open and run well a children's hair salon?

Problem 1:Single manage style, professional children's hairdresser short in need

In fact, given the fact great growth potential,But professional children's hairdresser in short supply .they are very special ,not only with sophisticated skill but also should be patience and good at guiding kids to cooperate, It is better to have female barbers. Because they have a better understanding of the child's psychology, and children are generally more inclined to women

Problem 2:Relatively high investment

Parents pay great attention to kids delicate skin, the requirements for the use of haircut products will be higher. They must be acceptable for children, and not with so many chemical ingredients. Correspondingly, if you want to run a successful kid barber shop,you get to invest some money on kid's salon furniture:  such as hair scissors, brush, electric push knife and so salon chair, children's shampoo equipment such as shampoo beds, etc.also investment on the decoration,make sure whole style more acceptable for children,feel warm and full of fun, while some children's entertainment facilities can be placed such as children's slide . This allows parents to feel at ease as well as win the trust of customers for the barbershop.

Problem 3: Parents Cognitive deviation

In fact, one big challenge is for shop owner is that many parents do not have a good awareness or acceptance for going to kids salon. It is precisely be more difficult for shop running. Actually, many parents think that they can give kid a haircut at home by themselves, or can be handled in adult barber shops. That way people will not pay enough attention to professional kids barber shop.

Some tips for running

Tip 1: Maintain old customers, imagine if the children's barber shop can convert every new customer to Loyal customers , what benefits will it bring to children's barber shop? Hairdressing is a Repeated consumption behavior., A child barber shop can win customers heart if they can offer professional techniques and caring services. so it is very important to do the maintenace of your loyal customers

Tip 2: Reduce turnover rate of your employees, children's haircut is a typical service industry, service and technology to win,  so the hairdresser's techniques is very important, Moreover, they usually offer one-on-one service  Therefore, the high turnover rate of employees only leads to potential loss of customers. The training of apprentices for the new hairdresser will wastes time, effort and costs, the owner should to try to stay the barbers  by creating a better working environment, taking incentive measures,organizing more group activities and create a team work atmosphere so that employees can Keep full passion in work.

Tip 3:Can offer value-added services. Children's barber shops serve children aged 0-12. add on-site haircut service. Also more such as color crystal, baby hand and foot prints and other value-added services.
Tip 4:Location better located in residential areas, schools, kindergartens and so on.
Tip 5:For both male or female barber, All of them need with haircuts and psychological training before take the job. In this way, they will make correct prejudgments according to different situations and make proper treatment. Make each hairdresser conduct one-on-one full communication services for children so that they can completely relax in the hairdressing process. Well-trained children's hairdressers can take few minutes to finish the process.

Tip 6:The health and safety aspects are even more important issues, especially for children. Therefore,  the hairdressing apparatus must be UV sterilized, and the secondary sterilizing before use. These are daily essential operating procedures.

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