The characteristics of Barber chair structure

Unlike normal chair, As a very import part of hair salon furniture ,The barber seat height generally adjusted by hydraulic pump, Usually the hairdresser put half foot on the pedal can adjust the height of hair cutting chair, by hand to handle the pneumatic valve to adjust the backrest angle.

Barber chairs usually with up & down lifting function and rotation function, these designs provide great covenience to customers and for hair stylist from different angles and height to figure out  customer's hair design.

Barber chair with different style pedal for customer, when lift up to a certain height, customers can put foot on the pedal.

Barber chair cushion and backrest fabric is usually used by leather , with filling sponge, the whole frame package using multi-layer and Metal frame, handrails or armrest are usually PU material,  wood materials, metal materials.

The base is usually round, square and other shapes. Material is chrome-plated or stainless steel base which is relatively high cost.



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