How to choose barber chair

The development of the times requires all walks of life to continue to innovate, and barber shops are no exception. If they do not follow the pace of the times, they will become obsolete. With the continuous rise of the economy, people's consumption level and consumption awareness are also constantly changing. If you want your barber shop to stand out from many competitors, you must keep pace with the times. Today,  will explain to you the five selection points of the barber chair in the barber shop, let's take a look!

01.With or without pedals

Studies have shown that when a person's feet are lowered, the seat cushion is 50cm from the ground, which is the most comfortable, but different people have different heights. Therefore, the barber chair with adjustable height can well adapt to customers of different heights. The customer's "foot has something to rely on".

02.Hydraulic lifting function and rotation

In order to better serve customers and facilitate the operation of hairdressers, hairdressers also have different requirements for the height of barber chairs, and barber chairs that can be lifted are more common. Similarly, the rotatable barber chair is also very convenient for barbers to perform haircutting operations from different angles.

03 Selection of cushion and backrest fabric materials

Most of the fillings in the seat cushion and backrest are sponges, but there are differences between different sponges.

The filling density of the sponge will affect the comfort of the seat. One of the most ergonomic measurement methods is that when sitting or leaning down, the seat cushion can be sunken by about 10 cm; the back cushion should use a high-elastic foam sponge with a density of 25 kg/m3 or more.

There are many choices of fabrics for backrests and cushions, the most common being imitation leather fabrics. For the selection of fabrics, it is recommended to choose some that are easy to clean and take care of, and can also echo the style of the store.

04.bases of different shapes

The shape of the base of the hairdressing chair, except for the common five-star shape.

At the same time, some regular square, round, tiger feet and turtle feet shapes are also often used in the modeling features of the base of the hairdressing chair. Different base shapes and different contact areas are related to the stability of the seat.

square plate stainless steel


5. Barber chair style

The style of the barber chair is best to match the decoration style of the barber shop. If the decoration style of the barber shop is the cool style of Internet celebrities, it will seem out of place with the gorgeous style barber chair. The styles of barber chairs can be divided into Baroque, European, pastoral, industrial, and the current popular ins style, etc...


ins style

European style

After seeing these barber chairs, I don’t know what to choose for the barbers who are about to open a shop? The above picture styles are all for sale in our company



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