Barber chair price vary on diferent material used

Barber chair price vary on diferent material used

Everyone wants to save costs, and always prefers products with low prices. However, you get what you pay for. In the long run, the price is higher, but the quality and after-sales are guaranteed, and the service life is long; while the barber chair with lower price , The money is less, but the quality is uneven, there is no guarantee after sale, and it will be replaced in a short time.

How to choose, the answer is already obvious, why some barber chairs can be sold for thousands or even tens of thousands of prices? Because from the very beginning of material selection and craftsmanship, it has already stood on a runway different from that of low-end and mid-end products. Barber chairs are different in materials and craftsmanship. To maintain them correctly, you must first understand the characteristics of the materials.

1. Solid wood barber chair

Pure solid wood furniture, that is, furniture that does not use any other form of wood-based panels, has high requirements for craftsmanship and materials.

The surface of solid wood furniture can generally see the natural texture of wood, with a simple and steady feel. Even if the appearance can be fooled, the difference between artificial wood and solid wood can still be distinguished by the feel. In terms of craftsmanship, if the wood is bought back, if it is not treated in any way, there is a possibility of cracking and deformation.

Japanese design style, the material of the armrest is made of solid wood handle, so that the hand feel returns to natural and simple, the overall design is ergonomic, the seat cushion and the backrest are made of high-density sponge, soft and comfortable, the leather fabric is wear-resistant and breathable, and will not cause stuffiness. It is a barber shop The classic choice.

2. Metal steel barber chair

Steel has the characteristics of high hardness, and is generally used for supporting, weighing and other purposes in the composition of furniture. Generally, it is made of cold-rolled steel plate. The steel also has the characteristics of strong coloring. Different technologies such as electro-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, powder electrostatic spraying, or spraying epoxy resin after phosphating treatment can meet different designs.

Simple and elegant design, the fiery bright red can definitely become the finishing touch in the hairdressing shop. The high-density sponge inner core provides a soft and hard sitting feeling, and you will not be tired after sitting for a long time. The chassis is made of high-quality steel, which has high-strength support and is sturdy. Durable, mirror polished, unique.

3. Rattan barber chair

Rattan furniture is one of the oldest furniture varieties in the world. It has the characteristics of toughness, simplicity, and refreshing. Rattan furniture mainly includes the production of brackets and the weaving of weaving surfaces. The production of rattan furniture is very elegant. After polishing, varnish application, and even paint color, it finally presents different textures. The various plasticity makes it always have a certain seat in the hearts of consumers.

The whole body of the barber chair is designed in a square shape, surrounded by large blocks, which is not only comfortable, but also brings more sense of security. The two sides of the armrest are embellished with rattan fabric, which brings a little refreshment to the calm tan color. The high-density sponge filling provides a comfortable Sitting feeling, the natural and irregular texture gives a different texture.

Choosing a cost-effective barber chair is not a once-and-for-all. The barber chair if not be maintained after buying it. Over time, it will be damaged if it is damaged, which will affect the image of the store. It will cost a lot of money to replace it directly. Proper maintenance is often need



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