Barber Floor Mats Anti Fatigue

What”s the design purpose of barber floor mats

The barber floor is widely used in barber shops. mainly designed to relieve the impact and damage caused by the long-term standing to the waist, ankle and knee joints. It can reduce the influence of gravity and mitigate the pressure on the human body. Ready such barber mats for the hairdresser can greatly improve their work comfort and efficiency,

The main functions of barber mats

1. Relieve backache

2. Relax the knee joint

3. Relieve ankle joint fatigue

Made of material of hair salon mats

High-quality PU foam mat, environmental protection, high-tech foaming technology, one-piece molding, no glue and other harmful substances, good physical properties, and also increase the durability and practicability.

Specifications and dimensions

In term of shape,There are semi-circle and square mats, black color is most popular the size and thikness vary different ,which can choose based on the specific need

Common specifications are as following

Product features: environmental, comfort, non-toxic, decompression, anti-fatigue, wear-resistant

After above introduction, Do you want to ready such a mat in your shop?

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