6 Ways to get more customers in Beauty Salon

If you are the owner of a business, you will surely understand the value of attracting customers and increasing sales is vital. This is even more important for businesses in the beauty service industry such as Hair Salon, Spa beauty, Beauty Salon,etc. If you do not make a breakthrough change, then immerse yourself in the flow of that change otherwise you will quickly fall behind and lose your position. Here are some suggestions for Beauty Salon Business to attract more customers.

Using social networks to reach customers

We are living in an era of information explosion. That's why video content on social networking sites becomes attractive, because they minimize the words and of course the image will get more attraction.

In 2016, according to research by comScore - one of the leading companies in measuring and evaluating online marketing efficiency, the number of videos accounted for 87% of online information content. It is worth to mention that up to 96% of video viewers will want to find out more information and 90% of viewers properly make a decision after watching an attractive promotional video.

Therefore, the form of marketing through social networks is still considered as a relatively effective approach in the beauty salon business. It affects many senses of the viewer at the same time, so, it will create a higher trust in the viewer. Search engines are now often preferred to videos, especially those posted on YouTube, live streams on Facebook with strong spread, impulsing curiosity, and excitement among customers.

Sending promotion information by email

Email marketing allows you to control the interaction of your store with customers, and guide customers from the beginning to access products and services until they decide to use.

So, how to use email to increase sales for Salon

The simplest, lowest cost, and most time-saving way is to email information about the promotion program to customers by using the management software. You just need to sit down with one click, then, hundreds of emails will be automatically sent to customers.

Besides, it's easy for you to retrieve reports directly when you have a smart management system, which knows the number of customers who have viewed your mail and are interested in the information you share.

Using SMS marketing to take care of customers

Promotion programs are always well received by customers, especially loyal customers. But with the innovation of products and services as quickly as today, sooner or later they will go away without your care, and attractive promotion.

Using SMS marketing is also a way for you to take care of your loyal customers and find potential customers effectively. It will not be too difficult and take your time with the support of the management system. It will help you send mass SMS to customers on the promotion program as quickly as possible. Use it to remind customers of their appointments so that they arrive on time and are convenient for both, showing professionalism in how to take care of your customers.

In addition, you should pay more attention to customers by sending wishes on special occasions such as birthdays, holidays,etc, to customers to impress and create more sympathy with them.

Handing over media publications to customers

Using media publications also has some benefits. According to the survey, nearly 90% of consumers say they want to receive media publications related to promotions and shopping.

In fact, customers will have many different feelings if they are holding an impressive media publication in their hand. Handing your publication to potential customers is also a good way to create a connection between you and them. Add QR codes or URLs to media publications to direct customers to your website and social networking sites.

Applying a flexible sales policy

In fact, there are many Salon and Spa owners looking for advertising on social networks or Google, which are effective marketing methods, and easily reach to many customers. But, you should also offer flexible sales policies such as creating membership cards, loyalty cards, gift vouchers, gift coupons,etc, to attract customers. When the number of customers coming to you more, of course, Salon sales will accordingly increase significantly.

Software application in Salon management

The advice for you is to manage the Salon professionally from the beginning through the support software to minimize errors

It is the scientific and professional management. Of course, it is "okay" if some Salon Salons still insist on traditional management. However, we are doing business in the era of technology development, with just a smartphone or tablet, you can control the details of the process of reception, payment or staff management, which help the salon owner know each employee has completed the work as well as know how customers evaluate the employees.

Moreover, the software also supports you in warehouse management, knowing clearly which items are currently redundant and which are not, which products and services are selling well, so Salon owners have a suitable import and export plan or timely marketing campaigns.

Besides, the data retrieval will help you calculate the revenue, and expenses more accurately. Thanks to cloud computing with unlimited storage capacity, and access anytime, anywhere, you may not need to be at the store, but you still know the operational situation of your Salon. The great thing is, with modern Salon management software, you can send emails, SMS automatically to hundreds, thousands of your customers and immediately measure the results after sending - something difficult to do with predecessor tools.

Does it sound amazing? I firmly believe that the application of software in Beauty Salon Business is not only to get more customers but also to save a considerable cost, and is also the key to increasing sales for your Salon.

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