The beauty salon industry market in developed countries

The foreign beauty and hairdressing industry has developed into a very mature industry, especially in developed countries with high economic levels. The following take the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan as examples to specifically analyze the development of the beauty and hairdressing industry in developed countries.

The United States is the most developed region in the world's beauty and hairdressing industry. Its beauty and hairdressing market has gradually stabilized. High-end SPA and beauty care are the highlights of the development of the US market at this stage. Specifically, the demand for beauty skin care and beauty care in the United States is relatively high, reaching 27% and 23%, while the demand for hairdressing is 16%, which is relatively low

From the perspective of operation mode, cosmetic surgery clinics in the United States can be roughly divided into three categories: one is the cosmetic surgery clinic to which the hospital belongs, and usually the hospital's plastic surgeons also perform cosmetic surgery; the second category is plastic surgery that works in the hospital itself A surgeon ’s independent aesthetic clinic; the third category is a completely independent aesthetic surgery clinic.

Compared with the beauty industry, the American hairdressing industry follows a model of combining industry with academia. The best beauty and hairdressing schools in the United States are the Regency Beauty Institute, Avatar Beauty Institute, Ogle School, and Empire Beauty School. These schools provide professional talents for beauty salons, which are transformed into productive forces

Compared with the stable beauty and hairdressing market in the United States, the beauty, hairdressing and SPA industries in the UK are still developing rapidly. This is mainly due to the huge number of age-appropriate population in the UK, which has caused a surge in the demand for cosmetic products and services. The increasingly specialized division of labor in the beauty industry and the diversity of services have also promoted the development of the industry. It is expected that this rapid growth will continue until 2020 year.

At present, there are more than 200 beauty salons and 1,000 spa centers in the UK, and more than half of the salons will provide beauty services to customers. Among them, cosmetic surgery, hairdressing and manicure are the fastest growing and highest market share parts of the British beauty and hairdressing industry. With the gradual improvement of the living standards of the British people, the demand for beauty salons will continue to be released.

Japan's beauty and hairdressing industry is also developed. It calls men's hairdressing and women's hairdressing and beauty as beauty. There are 200,000 such enterprises in Japan, including 120,000 hairdressing salons and 80,000 beauty salons. However, Japanese beauty salons are developing to two levels, namely large and small stores, and mid-sized stores between the two have closed down.

Japan has also explored a model that is more suitable for local development on the basis of Western beauty and hairdressing. For example, Japan has developed a hairdressing technology system that is more suitable for Asian skulls and hair textures over the years based on Western hairdressing technology. Specifically, first, there is a systematic hairdressing education, and students of hairdressing majors must have completed three years of study before they can get a diploma; second, they must strictly manage employees, and the requirements for employees are mainly qualification examinations and personnel training; It is a standardized industry management. The Japan Hairdressing Association has absolute authority. It often organizes some assessments, competitions, observations, and seminars. Fourth, it is a large-scale management system. There are many hairdressing companies that integrate schools, salons, and hairdressing product production plants into one. .

Compared with developed countries, with the steady development of the economy of developing countries and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, beauty salon services have gradually become a hot spot for consumption in developing countries. At the same time, after years of development, the beauty and hairdressing industry in developing countries is constantly maturing and standardizing, the market size and industry output value continue to increase, and the number of employees is also increasing. Coupled with the rapid development of new formats such as nail art and eyelashes, the industry is now Gradually develop towards industrialization, grouping and internationalization.



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