Body massage chair maintenance

As we know ,The massage function of massage chair mainly by using mechanical rolling force and mechanical force. it will not as good feeling as real human massage which clear the meridians, promote blood circulation and maintain the body's balance. but it can provide great convenience for People using at anytime and anywhere ,espcially for home use,after massage,You will feel muscle relaxation, joint flexibility, and energy back. enhance the body's natural resistance to disease and have a very good health effect. Then, what should you pay attention to when using a massage chair? How do you perform daily maintenance?

Massage Chair Usage Notice:

1  Massage chair Suitable using time by 15 to 20 minutes each time. It's best to do the massge for each time after getting up and before go to sleep, and also should based on your own specifc physical body condition to make adjustment

2 During the process of using massage chair, should pay attention to the adjustment of intensity. Masage times varies from less to more, and strength from slight to heavy, strength must be appropriate.

3 Let your body relax and maintain a pleasant mood and state.

4 Do not operate the massage chair when you are not sitting in it yet. After finish, wait until it is fully reset before leaving. Before reset, please do not stand on the tripod so as not to damage the tripod and related parts.

5 If need a continuous massage, better shut down for 10-15 minutes, let the motor cool down and then contiue use. To prolong its sevice life.

Massage chair routine maintenance ways:

1. Reducing movement times: Some large and hevey massage chairs are sophisticated in design, complicated in equipment, and have a large weight and volume. Therefore, reducing the times of movement can not only avoid bumps, scratches, and other moving damages, but also provide the best protection for precise internal massage chair accessories.

2. For only massage purpose: It is best not to use the massage chair for other purposes (such as children sleep on it or jumping and playing), or placing other objects on the massage chair (especially for heavy objects and sharp objects).

3. Regularly cleaning: Wipe with a soft, dry cloth (do not allow chemicals such as petroleum, alcohol, or thinner to drip on the massage chair. This could cause deformation of the shape and deterioration of the leather case). Then wipe the soft cloth with warm water and proper detergent, Wipe it gently with a soft, dry cloth to allow it to dry naturally.

4. Placed carefully in dry and safe environment: Place the massage chair in a room that is dry, ventilated, and free from direct sunlight.



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