A beauty bed can affect the business of the entire store

Which beauty bed is easy to use? What tips does the store have when choosing a beauty bed? We all know that the industry is advancing the road of differentiation. In addition to reflecting the characteristics of the brand, it can also improve customer satisfaction.

The beauty bed is an indispensable and important tool in the store now. It is not only related to the service quality of the store, but also affects the overall aesthetics of the store. So the key point is, how to choose the right beauty bed?

The filling is made of high-quality high-resilience sponge, which is warm and skin-friendly, comfortable and natural, and does not collapse. The choice of fabric is skin-friendly, breathable and elastic, and the thickened bed leg design is safe and firm without shaking. The comfortable headrest has a built-in high-density rebound sponge, which is not easy to collapse. The four corners of the bed surface are designed with arcs, which is safe to prevent bumps, beautiful and exquisite.

The head lifter at the head of the bed can be adjusted at a large angle, and the operation is simple and easy to use, easy and convenient. Detachable storage box design, easy to move, easy to install at any time, anti-slip design to move silently to protect the floor, using a wooden frame, more safe and reliable, strong load-bearing, beautiful and generous, carefully protect your safety!

Beauty beds are a very important part of beauty salons and health clubs. If the store can insist on maintaining basic cleaning and maintenance, it will inevitably bring customers a better experience and a good reputation. So as to effectively improve the performance of the store!



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