Tips of choosing massage chair

The role of the massage chair

It is precisely because everyones awareness of massage chairs is not high that there are many myths that deify massage chairs, such as what can treat lumbar disc herniation, cervical spondylosis, malignant tumors, etc. This is too outrageous! The massage chair itself is a home appliance, and it can also be regarded as a massage device. How can it still have this function?

Again, massage chairs medical equipment.

Everyone must pay attention to this. If you have any physical illness, seek medical treatment as soon as possible. If you should cooperate with the doctor's treatment, treat it, and if you take medicine, take medicine. Don't think that buying a massage chair can cure the disease.

Massage has been skillfully used a long time ago and is the oldest medical technique in China

When it develops later, massage techniques such as acupuncture and massage will appear, which can benefit the human body. Smart home massage chairs use mechanical rolling force and mechanical force extrusion to massage the human body, so what are the benefits?

1. Relieve fatigue

Massage can dredge the meridians of the body, circulate Qi and blood, maintain the balance of yin and yang in the body, relieve fatigue after sitting or standing for a long time or work, and relax muscles.

2. Improve sleep quality

A large part of insomnia is due to mental stress. Under the action of a massage chair, massage + hot compress + zero gravity, etc., it is easy for people to be in an extremely empty state. If you press it before going to sleep, you will sleep more soundly .

Moreover, a dedicated brand team has conducted a one-month research experiment on this. The data shows that proper use of massage chairs within one month can effectively improve sleep quality.

3. Prevent diseases

Everyone should have heard a saying, long-term work and illness, if you do not exercise for a long time to relax, life schedule is not normal, etc., you are really easy to get sick. For example, cerebral infarction and cerebral palsy, which are more common in contemporary times, are related to long-term lack of physical and mental relaxation. Everyone must pay attention to this!

3. The core points of massage chair purchase

The structure of the massage chair will be relatively complicated. There are 1500+ parts alone, so it is normal that everyones awareness is not high. Next, I will choose 10 more important points to briefly explain to you. , When purchasing, you can take a seat and have a look, at least you can rule out most of the bad products!

1. Weight

This is an important parameter that many people will ignore. When I first came into contact with massage chairs, why can the weight of the same massage chair be so different?

After understanding, there is a lot of knowledge here. The difference in weight is reflected in the basic structure and material. Expensive massage chairs will use high-thickness carbon steel, while cheap massage chairs may be made of plastic, thin steel plate or wood. , have not been well guaranteed in terms of safety performance.

Especially for massage chairs bought for parents, safety needs to be the first priority. If it is a relatively cheap massage chair, there are usually big problems in terms of quality and after-sales, and it is easy to jam and break when pressed.

Generally speaking, massage chairs above 70kg are considered better.

Suggestion: The heavier the massage chair, the better, and the heavier the more expensive.

2. Movement

The core of the massage chair, the massage experience and comfort are all linked to this. It is equivalent to the hands of a massage master. Whether it is flexible or not depends on the movement technology.

The development history of the movement can be divided into 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D. What is 4D, I will talk to you later.

1D: It is the most primitive massage chair technology. The first massage chair developed in Japan can only achieve fixed-point massage, that is, it is fixed at one position for massage.

2D: After developing into 2D, everyone realized that fixed-point massage has high limitations, so they began to consider developing technologies that can realize up, down, left, and right, so as to make the massage range wider.

3D: At present, the mainstream movement technology can realize all-round massage up, down, left, right, front and back. This is relatively easy to understand, that is, the movement starts to go deep into the muscle fascia layer, deep massage, and can realize the whole body massage.

4D: Now some merchants have begun to promote 4D technology. In fact, they have upgraded a temperature sensing system based on 3D. The massage head comes with heating. Although temperature therapy is also good for the human body, the selling price of this type of massage chair is often It will be relatively high, and the perception of temperature is related to clothing and personal perception systems, so if the premium is too high, this is unnecessary.

And I believe everyone has been to some so-called 4D theaters, adding a chair shaking function to the 3D movie sound effects

As for 8D and 16D, its even more nonsense. These merchants are taking advantage of everyones product knowledge blind spots to engage in deceptive business practices, so you must keep your eyes open.

Suggestion: choose 3D movement for entry-level models, and 4D movement for advanced models.

3. Guide rail

As the carrier of the massage chair movement, the whole body can be massaged back and forth along the guide rail (2 in the figure below).

The development history of the guide rail can be divided into no guide rail, straight guide rail, S-type/L-type guide rail and SL-type guide rail.

No guide rails: No guide rails are required for the initial fixed-point massage.

Straight guide rail: It is a straight guide rail, which can realize the plane massage of the back.

S-shaped/L-shaped guide rail: Later, everyone realized that it is necessary to fit the human body for upgrades. When a person sits down, there is a certain curvature, and the spine is not straight, so they began to develop this type of guide rail. One problem is that it is still not fit enough, which is reflected in the curved parts such as the hips and shoulders, which cannot be pressed.

SL-type guide rail: the mainstream guide rail, the combination of the two can better fit the curve of the human body. Now the general length is more than 120cm, and the length below this basically cannot be pressed below the buttocks.

Suggestion: choose SL-type guide rail with a length of more than 120cm.

4. Airbag

The manipulator can only massage the back of the shoulders and the front of the buttocks, while the airbags are generally distributed on the sides of the shoulders, the sides of the waist and hips, and the limbs, which cannot be massaged by the manipulator.

The principle is to simulate the inflation and deflation of a balloon to squeeze the human body. It is soft and comfortable, and it also plays an auxiliary massage role. For example, when doing Thai stretching, the airbag on the shoulder presses the shoulder hard, massage The chair can do the action of pulling the legs down, and can simulate the action of stretching to a greater extent.

Not all massage chairs have airbags. Cheap massage chairs generally have fewer airbags, smaller areas, and fewer distribution parts, because these are real costs. Many massage chairs do not have waist and hip airbags. Friends who need massage in this area should pay more attention!

Suggestion: The more airbags, the larger the area, and the wider the distribution, the better the massage experience.

5. Hot compress

It can promote the blood circulation of the human body very well. It is very friendly to people with some joint problems. Generally, it can be closed or opened freely.

Suggestion: The more hot compress parts, the better. At present, it generally works on the waist, buttocks, knees, legs and feet.

6. Program

This is the program that the massage chair has set up early in the morning, and it can be directly accessed with a single press of the power on. Different programs use different techniques. For example, if you talk about the focus of the shoulder and neck, the robotic hand will massage this part more, simulating delicate human hands and doing different levels of massage.

Generally, the strength will also be different, and everyone can choose according to their own needs. But there are also manual programs, that is, you can choose the strength, technique and massage position by yourself, which can meet the massage needs of different people.

Suggestion: buy it for parents, it is recommended to choose one-click direct access, and the program can be displayed more intuitively.

7. Zero gravity

It is to simulate the weightlessness of astronauts in the space capsule. The real zero gravity is when lying down, the position of the knee is higher than the heart.

Massage + hot compress + air bag, plus zero gravity mode, just like a baby's cradle chair, in fact, people are very comfortable and relax physically and mentally.

Suggestion: Buy a large massage chair to have true zero gravity; small massage chairs generally do not have this function.

8. Other functions

Like leg massage, foot rollers, etc., the richer the massage, the more comfortable it will be. Body shape detection is also very important, it is related to the accuracy of massage,

Recommendation: Generally speaking, the higher the technology used, the better.

9. Control method

At present, there are handheld remote control, LCD display, APP operation, AI intelligent voice, etc.

Suggestion: Choose according to the user population. Adults can choose more abundant methods; if the elderly at home use it frequently, it is recommended to choose a large-screen touch screen with clear fonts and easier operation.

10. After sales

Good massage chairs generally have an after-sales service of more than 2 years, and there is door-to-door service.

Suggestion: Choose a merchant with a national after-sales hotline, which is more secure.

Fourth, how to choose a massage chair

Choose the trilogy of massage chairs, and after clarifying the following 3 points, choose the more suitable one.

1. Budget price

This is very important. It determines which level of massage chair you can buy. Take a careful look at how much money you can accept for a massage chair? The positioning of models in the low-, middle- and high-end markets is different, and blind recommendation is not advisable.

2. Users

First of all, we need to make sure, what needs to use this massage chair and give it to elder parents? For the whole family? Different groups of people have different purchasing directions, which are limited by factors such as physical condition, bone growth, body shape, and age.

After making it clear, before purchasing, the practicability of the massage chair will be even higher.

3. Purchase requirements

What is the original intention of buying a massage chair? What kind of discomfort do you want to relieve? This is a targeted purchase.

For example, if the service industry often stands for a long time, there must be a greater demand for leg massage. In addition to the basic airbag massage, more valley roulette and hot compress massage will be more effective?

Or: Sedentary people in the office have a greater need for back, shoulder and neck massage. At this time, it is better to buy a massage chair with a more advanced movement and better airbags.

Five, massage chair price difference

There are all kinds of massage chairs on the market, ranging from one to two thousand to four to fifty thousand. What kind of massage chair is practical and cost-effective?



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