How do boys choose the right barber?

A year ago, I met a boss who was engaged in the beauty and hairdressing industry,  According to him, the location of the barber shop is very important, and it needs to be on a street with more traffic, which means that the rent of the storefront is more expensive. As we all know, the cost of a haircut is getting higher and higher and in some well-known barber shops, the cost of a haircut may be as higher

Even so, my friend still said that it is difficult to make money by opening a barber shop. After deducting the rent, labor costs, water and electricity costs, there is almost not much profit left. He even said bluntly: Men's haircuts do not make money at all, and the main focus is on women's perm, dyeing and beauty and skin care, because the profits are the highest.

In addition to basic expenses, the most expensive part of a barber shop is learning. Some barbershops that claim to be high-end will regularly organize employees to go out for exchange training and participate in some seemingly high-end activities for further education. It is said that the cost of such activities is extremely high. After they have studied for a few days, the organizer will issue them a certificate of completion and a group photo of the participants. Many barber shops will hang these so-called honors in the store to promote their high-end technology, and to save their future growth. Price as a foreshadowing.

If a barber shop wants to make money, it must start from the following aspects: selling perm, beauty and skin care products, and membership cards. The price of men's haircuts is basically there. There is not much difference between the shops on the same street, and the customer flow is generally relatively stable. If the business is good, it is only enough to protect the capital. The real profits are those mentioned above.

Back to consumers, how do we choose the right barber? I will share with you some small methods that I have observed over the years, hoping to have some effect on everyone.

1: You must have a clear understanding of yourself and be familiar with your own face shape. At the same time, you must have a good aesthetic level and be able to distinguish between ugly and beautiful. I usually read more fashion magazines to find a hairstyle that suits my face shape. Of course, I can also try new hairstyles for myself and start a new life.

2: If you want to meet a good barber, it depends on the person and has nothing to do with the shop. No matter how well-known a shop is, there are new barbers. Before getting a haircut, communicate with the barber as necessary. You must speak your mind and make sure they understand your description. Don't just close your eyes and meditate as soon as you come up, you're not here for a haircut

3: Observe the decoration style of the store. If a store has a unique decoration style, it means that the boss's taste is not too bad, and the people who come to work here will also have a corresponding level. If the decoration of the store is too poor, the standard of the staff will not be so good.

Necessary communication with barber before haircut

4: New to a barber shop, if you don't know who to choose. You can observe carefully that if a barber is very busy and there are many customers sitting and waiting for him, it proves that he has a lot of customers and good craftsmanship.

5: Observe the dress and hairstyle of the barber. A good barber must dress himself well,

6: Try to choose an older barber. In any industry, seniority is calculated based on length of service. A long time in this industry indicates rich experience.

Constantly communicate and coordinate with the barber during the haircut process

7: During the haircut process, if the barber constantly communicates with you to listen to your opinions, and then keeps trimming and giving feedback, then this person must be a good barber; if after you finish your opinion, he will not stop Help you finish it quickly, this kind of barber can stay away from him next time. The former is to carve every haircut as a work, while the latter is to complete the task.

8: Do not change the barber frequently. The better the relationship between you and the barber, the tacit understanding will naturally increase. In the process of haircutting in the future, your communication will be smoother, and he will understand your thoughts better, so he can naturally help you trim your hair better. .

maintain a good personal relationship with the barber

If you can find a barber according to the above requirements, I believe you will be able to find a barber who satisfies you and can help you get a good haircut. Secondly, maintaining a good personal relationship with the barber can also make the communication between you smoother, so don't change the barber frequently. In any case, you are building a perfect personal image for yourself.



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