Five ideal body parts for female to create your perfect tattoo

Five body parts for female to create your perfect tattoo

Back tattoo

A woman's back tattoo that can be combined with your bra to highlight your female body curves. For a girl who is more irritable, with a black tattoo and colorful design, it reflects your other side of the mood. If you want to a sexy personal style, a corset plus a tattoo can help complete your thoughts; if you want to show your personality: heart, dagger, French font, scorpion, chain or other patterns is a good choice.

The thigh tattoo

The part of the thigh is a highly sexy area and a tempting place, especially when women wear shorts pants or short skirts. Many women have large oil paintings on thigh tattoos while others remain simple and easy to cover up. Find your love on beautiful legs, you can consider the design of dragons, snakes, phoenixes, peacock feathers, and show your own curves.

The clavicle tattoo

The collarbone is a beautiful area. , you can show off your assets and improve your face with the clavicle tattoo. Most versatile choices for a tiny tattoo, such as: a cross, a new moon, a horseshoe or a constellation symbol. If you don't want to reveal them, a big necklace, scarf or high collar can completely block the eyes of others.

Belly tattoo

Abdominal tattoos are a good choice if you are accustomed to your body and also realistic how to design look after you experience weight fluctuations. Having said that, it is still an undeniable lower part for a sexy choice, and should be considered if you want an easy to hide design. Sweet cherries, playboy bunny girls and felines are tattooing ideas that provoke out to play as long as you want, no matter who you want.

Shoulder tattoo

The shoulders are a very beautiful area, an inconspicuous tattoo design. You can play with this idea. Wings, stars and cherry blossoms If you want a simple tattoo style, or choose a mysterious creature inspired by a wonderful science.

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