How to buy a good foot bath sofa

I often see a lot of people asking me how to buy a cheap and durable foot bath sofa?

When buying a pedicure sofa, you will first consider the price issue, especially friends who open new stores, they all purchase in large quantities. You must consider the price issue and also consider the quality issue. Being able to choose satisfactory products can save a lot of unnecessary trouble. There are countless manufacturers in the foot bath sofa industry, but there are always customers who think that it looks good, and its okay to sit on. In the end, less than half a year later, the foot bath sofa sponge collapsed But was told by the manufacturer: You send the foot bath sofa back to me (by the way, the shipping fee is paid) and I will repair it for you.

How should you consider what suits your needs when purchasing a pedicure sofa? Every customer who buys a foot bath sofa has his own opinion, because the people and things he comes into contact with are different, so also judges the price of the product itself differently. First, consider how the product can meet your different needs in the store, and then Negotiate price issues with manufacturers

All in all, the factors that determine whether the electric foot bath sofa is expensive or not are mainly the material and labor cost of the sofa. The material includes the density of the sponge and the sponge, the internal frame (there are wooden frames, semi-steel frames, and full-steel frames as shown in the figure below), fabrics, Workmanship and so on. Why say that workers also have some influence? An electric foot bath sofa made by a worker who has been working frequently or for more than 10 years is definitely much better than that made by an apprentice, no matter in detail or technique.

There are several frame materials, you can choose according to your needs

wooden frame

half steel frame

All steel frame

In fact, whether the foot bath sofa is expensive or not, whether it is high quality or low price depends on the customer's own judgment. To put it bluntly, as long as the price matches the quality and they have needs, it is worth buying. Different manufacturers and different colors have different prices. so you can choose a foot bath sofa according to your own needs. Products of the same quality still have a certain comparative value, so everyone can rationally choose the one that suits them.



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