How to design the front desk of salon?

Where is the front desk of salon? The first step for customers to come in and consult! The last step to pay for the bill! The front desk is the direct display of the hair salon, and it is also the image representative of the barber shop, so it is very necessary to have a fashionable and avant-garde front desk of the hair salon! So how to design it?

Maybe your hair salon is not big. In order to save space, you think that the front desk does not need to be designed so big. In fact, this idea is wrong, because the front desk is the face of the hair salon, and the front desk design must leave a good first impression on customers.

If it is a small hair salon, the design of the front desk should be more grand, so that it can set off the atmosphere and style of the entire barber shop. The atmosphere does not necessarily take up too much space, the main thing is to use reasonable and ingenious design techniques to make the front desk look high-end and atmospheric, and improve the grade of the entire hair salon.

There are two barbershops on the same street, one is spacious and bright, the other is dim and gray, how will customers choose? Judging by the first impression, most will choose the first one. The same is true for the decoration of the front desk of the barber shop. If your front desk can make customers shine and make them feel professional and trustworthy, then such a front desk design is considered successful.

In the decoration design of the hair salon, the front desk should avoid using low-purity tones. Dull walls will reduce the actual size of the visual space. Generally, it is recommended to choose a color system with higher lightness and purity, because the more intense the purity of the color, the stronger the color. The more you can attract the attention of customers.

Bright colors increase the sensory extensibility, making it appear spacious and bright. At the same time, the color does not exceed three colors, that is, it is not monotonous and not too messy. The color of the front desk should be consistent with the main decoration color, which is also what the interior decoration skills of the hair salon need to pay attention to.

The location of the front desk of the hair salon, if the space is large enough, set the LOGO of the barber shop on the rear background wall

The hair salon reception desk should not be located on the side of the entrance.

In addition, other details such as good hair salon furniture also need to be considered



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