Frequently asked questions and answers for getting inked

1. Q: Can I touch water after or take a shower after get inked?

A:After tattooing, it can be rinsed with water. During the tattooing process, sometissue fluid and a small amount of blood in the capillaries appear in the skin, and bacteria and dust in the air adhere to the epidermis. When finished, the tissue fluid on the skin will solidify, and it is easy to stick the bacteria and dust on the skin. If not rinsed off, it is harmful to the recovery. Therefore, aftertattooing, the tissue fluid and a little blood can be washed away with warm water and the excess moisture on the skin can be absorbed to allow the skin to breathe naturally, which will make the tattoo recover quickly.

2. Q: Will the tattoo hurt?

A:Tattoos have a certain degree of pain. Everyone's pain will be different. There are different degrees of pain in different parts and patterns. The pain of tattoos can be tolerated by people. If the pattern is Larger, it requires you with tolerance and perseverance.

3. Q: Why do some black tattoos turn blue after recovery?

A:Most of the blue tattoos we have seen are very irregular tattoos, most of which are made by ordinary needles dipped in ink or pen water. That is, it will turn blue soon after it is finished with black ink. True tattoos are not easily discolored, and tattoos come in a variety of colors to create a variety of cpatterns. If the black pattern turns blue, then the pigments used by the tattoo artist must not be a regular color material, and the quality of the pigments is problematic.

4. Q: After about 1-2 weeks tattooing, the color is lighter. Is the tattoo faded?

A:Not that way, this is because the skin is undergoing a process of peeling and restoring. During this process, the skin of the tattoo will appear white dandruff, which will be affected by white dandruff. It looks very light color. Underthis layer of white dander the pigments is being absorbed by the skin, and when the white dandruff gradually fades out, the color of the tattoo will graduallybe restored.

5. Q: Is the tattoo safe? Will it be infected with the disease?

A:Professional tattoo studios and tattoo artists, as well as the cares after tattooing, can not be ignored, the strict disinfection of tattoo equipment, and the safety of qualified pigments, these are the most important to avoid infection and infectious diseases. And the needles, gloves, and color cups used in regular tattoo shops are all disposable and should never be reused. Because tattoos are premised on the destruction of the skin, if the above precautions are not strictly required, it is very easy to cause infection and even spread various diseases.

6. Q: Can use pigeons blood for tattoo ?

A:This method is absolutely impossible and very dangerous. The blood of animals is not the same as the blood type of human blood. There are four types of blood types commonly seen in human beings. The blood types of animalsare far more than those of humans. Moreover, animals contain various bacteria,viruses and parasites, and contact with human blood is also a way of spreading the disease. Therefore, tattoo lovers should never listen to rumors. If youwant to get a tattoo, you must find a skilled and a professional tattoo artist  The legal tattoo pigments and drugs are all tested and harmless to the human body.material.

7. Q: Can tattoos cover scars?

A:Tattoo covering scars is a very good and very practical method. Some people suffer from physical scars or birthmarks, and they are annoyed. The cost of surgery is too high, and there is no other good way to remove scars, so in scars. The pattern that I liked on my own is beautiful and fashionable, and it solves the problem of scars. Why not do it?

8. Q: How do you judge whether a tattoo artist is good or bad?

A:Tattoo shops have tattooed patterns, it is best to go to the real spot to see, do not look at the computer, do not look at the PS tattoo Patterns,. Also pay attention to the environment and tattoo equipment of this tattoo studio, look at the disinfection equipment of the tattoo room and whether the machine is professional.

9. Q: Does the tattoo need to do complementary color after a period of time?

A:The key to this problem lies in the technical ability of the tattoo artist. An excellent tattoo does not require complementary color, as long as the tattoo artist's technical ability is mature, the pigment is accurately injected into the stable layer of the skin. Tattoos are permanent after recovery, and fading does not occur even after several years. (except special horny)

10. Q: Why do some tattoos appear to be apophysis after recovery?

A:This is because some tattoo artists do not have the correct operation techniques when they are tattooing, causing skin damage and skin tissue hyperplasia. Also, because the tattoo artist pierces the skin too deeply when tattooing, the skin is injected with too many pigments. During the recovery process, the skin cannot completely absorb the pigments, causing a part of the pigments to accumulate under the skin, forming a apophysis tattoo. The protrusions, because the pigments can not be completely absorbed under the skin, after a period of time, it will slowly spread under the skin, causing the pattern to be blurred.

11. Q: Will color tattoos fade?

A:Color tattoos are actually the same as black-and-white tattoos. They are also used for tattoo-specific colorants. As long as the tattoo artist's technical ability is mature, the color tattoo will not fade.

12. Q: Why do the monochrome stereoscopic tattoos on the photos of some tattoo works look brownish red?

A:This is because the stereoscopic type black and white tattoo is just when it is done, the shallower part will reveal the natural skin red color formed by the stimulation of the needle, so the whole picture looks red, but before all recovery The reddish part seen is gray or light gray.

13. Q: What if the tattoo will itch during the recovery period?

A:You can apply some products such as mint cream or cool oil to relieve itching and leave the skin feeling tight.

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