Equipment Required in a Hair Salon

If you're planning on opening your own hair salon, there are certain things you will need to invest on. Aside from hiring competent staff and having a clean space for them to work, you need to make sure the salon is equipped with the right tools. The right hair salon equipment can spell the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful business.

Here is a list of the basic equipment needed in a hair salon:

1. Reception Desk
This is important because this is the first thing a client will see upon entering your hair salon. Make sure the desk is clean and organized, with pens, papers, log books, and other administrative supplies readily available. A telephone for taking calls is also a must-have on the receptionist's desk.

2. Chairs at the Waiting Area
While waiting their turn, your customers should be seated comfortably. The type of chair you use depends on your taste, but generally a sofa works well because it provides a homey and comfortable atmosphere. Having a television and magazines in the area is also advisable.

3. Shelves
Most hair salons also sell different hair care products, and shelves are a great way to display them. It is advisable to have shelves with a glass cover, so the products are displayed and there is less risk that products will be stolen.

4. Washer and Dryer
Hair salons typically use a lot of towels, so having a washer and dryer handy is advised. Be sure to wash towels regularly to keep them hygienic, as they are being used by many different customers.

5. Mirrors
Both the hair stylists and the clients want to easily see the progress of their hair cuts, so mirrors should definitely be there. Usually, mirrors in hair salons are all around the walls, although the stylists usually also have hand mirrors to help their clients get a closer look at themselves.

6. Salon Chairs
Typically, a hair salon has swivelling chairs that can be adjusted by height. The clients can sometimes be seated for extended periods of time during their sessions, so be sure that the chairs are comfortable and safe to sit on.

7. Shampoo Bowls
It is advised to have at least one shampoo bowl for every three stylists working at a given time. To help keep your client comfortable while you are shampooing their hair, get bowls with rubber lips that provide ample neck support.

8. Hair Dryers
There are two types typically found in a hair salon: the handheld dryer and the hood dryer. Handhelds are great for mobility while the hood dryers are good for even distribution of heat. Hood dryers are also typically used to heat-set hair treatments and color.

9. Hair Styling Products
No salon would be complete without a variety of hair styling products like shampoo, conditioner, hair coloring, treatment creams, and more. Be sure to use products of the finest quality. You can even get sponsorship deals with some brands so you can use their products in exchange for promoting them to clients.

10. Professional Styling Supplies
For this you will need hair scissors, hair clips, razors, spray bottles, curlers, and basically everything needed to cut, style, color, and treat hair. Have several of each tool so that your stylists won't have to take turns, which can be quite inconvenient on busy days.



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