The difference between a hairdressing chair and other chairs?

We all know that chairs in different places have different functions. For example, the chairs we usually sit in hair salons are exclusive, which facilitates the cooperation between hair stylists and customers to better complete hair styling. So what is the difference between a hairdressing chair and other chairs?

Conventional chair classification: Classification by raw materials: solid wood chairs, steel-wood chairs, board chairs, glass chairs, iron chairs, plastic chairs, fabric chairs, leather chairs, leather chairs, foam chairs, etc.

Classified by application: work chairs, dining chairs, bar chairs, leisure chairs, reclining chairs, special chairs, etc.

Classified by occupation: hotel chairs, bar chairs, western restaurant chairs, coffee shop chairs, work chairs, etc.

Classification by physical properties: insulating chairs, anti-static chairs, conductive chairs, etc.

Classified by layout: fixed wooden leg chairs, fixed four-legged steel pipe chairs, wheelchairs with lifting five-star claws, fixed feet with lifting five-star claws, etc.

Special chair for hairdressing: generally equipped with a hydraulic pump to adjust the height and lift. In addition, it has functions such as rotatable. Generally, these plans are mainly to provide convenience for hairdressing customers and hair stylists, and hair stylists can figure out and appreciate customers' hair planning from different perspectives and heights.

Hairdressing chair characteristic materials: The base of the hairdressing chair generally has a five-star shape, turtle feet, round, square and other shapes. The chassis of the hairdressing chair is made of chrome plating steel or stainless steel. Among them, the base of stainless steel material is relatively expensive.



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