How should the hairdressing mirror be cleaned when it is dirty?

European-style mirrors give people a good impression of cleanliness, fashion, and beauty, so many hairdressing salons now choose European-style mirrors as their main style. But the more beautiful things are, the more troublesome they are to take care of. Next, lets talk about how to clean the hairdressing mirror when it is dirty. hope it can be helpful to you.

How to clean the hairdressing mirror table:

1. When cleaning the mirror stage normally, add a few drops of glycerin to the water to clean it more cleanly. However, do not use water to scrub, let alone soapy water or alkaline water, as this will affect the surface finish of the mirror table and even cause the paint to fall off.

2. Toothpaste can whiten the mirror paint. The white European-style mirror table will turn yellow after a long time of use. If you use toothpaste to wipe it, it will be improved, but you should not use too much force when you operate it, otherwise it will damage the paint film.

3. Restoring the luster of the mirror table paint depends on vinegar. Many furniture will lose their original luster after aging. At this time, just add a small amount of vinegar to the hot water, and then wipe it gently with a soft cloth dipped in vinegar water. After the water is completely dry, polish it with furniture glazing wax to restore the luster.

4. Milk can eliminate the peculiar smell inside the furniture. First put a cup of boiled milk in a mirror table with a cabinet or drawer, close the cabinet door tightly, take out the milk after cooling, and the original odor in the furniture will disappear.



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