Hairstyle depends on face shape

I believe that when many people go to the hairdresser to make hairstyles, they see the trendy haircuts on the wallpaper. When they see them, they are very emotional. Then they ask the hair stylist to help them, they always feel unsatisfactory. It always fails to achieve its desired effect. Why is this? In fact, each person's face is different, the suitable hairstyle is also different, We will take you to briefly understand some suitable face hairstyles!

1. Oval face: It is also called goose egg face. It is a relatively standard face shape. Various hairstyles are more suitable. A simple hairstyle is suitable for the natural beauty of the standard face shape.

2. Round face: Choose a hairstyle with a tall top, tight sides, and a sense of length. Avoid cutting short hair and short layers,The hairline should increase the height and compress width to give the round face a sense of length.

3. Rectangular face: choose a low top, cover the forehead, and widen the sides to reduce the height of the hairstyle. Not suitable for short hair, it is better to have natural fluffy medium to long hair. The silhouette of the hair style should be compressed at the top to widen the sides, and the lines are soft and full of contours to reduce the narrow and long feeling of the rectangular face.

4. Square face: Choose a hairstyle with a high top, tight sides, and a long, narrow feel. The hair on the top is tall and dense, and it can also properly cover the two frontal corners. The lines are soft and can soften the square face contour to a certain extent.

5. Triangular face: Choose to relax the forehead, shrink the jaw, and reduce the hairstyle that feels big and small. Hair should be properly lengthened and thickened, covering part of the forehead, splitting the hair on both sides, the hair on both sides should be full, and the hair lines on the top and both sides should be soft so that the outline of the triangular face is so obvious.

6. Inverse triangle face: you should choose the hairstyle that puts the balance on your face and puts your jaws to make your face look unbalanced. Keep your long hair in layers, cover your forehead appropriately, relax your hair on both sides, and change the feeling of upper big and bottom small on the face.

7. Diamond face: Choose a hairstyle that relaxes the compression between the two ends and reduces the width of the cheekbones. The middle hair is long to cover the cheekbones, the lines are soft, and the outline is round, which makes the rhombic face visually oval.



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