How to choose a right salon reception desk

The front reception desk is an essential part of the beauty salon. Many shop owner will carefully choose a cash register to match with overall store style. Then how to choose a suitable salon reception counter?

1. First of all, Need match with your shop overall style , for example, whether you decorative style is classic or modern, then choose the spa reception desk style , make it better match.

2. Secondly according to the size of the shop to choose, if your shop is relatively large, then it is clear that you must buy a large-size Cash wrap counter which will look a little more luxurious, if the shop area is small, then you should choose Small salon reception desk, room saving

Generally the size more is on 1.2 meters long, 45 centimeters wide and 1 meter high (table height 85 centimeters). There are also option length for 1 meter, 1.5 meters and 1.8 meters.

3. The third is materials,it can used by wood, steel frame structure, or a combination of both, the wooden reception desk is common in the market, one is more thick, lasting, give natural feeling,  what's more you can sculpt different shapes, The steel is more modern and sometimes easier to rust.

The above is a few simple points to reference, of course, some people will also require to put their own LOGO, in general, salon Furniture supplier are able to provide such services, but some will charge an additional fee



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