How to design ergonomic chair

The curve design of the chair

The principle of chair design is based on the concept of health, the human physiological condition and fatigue measurement. The curve design defined by whether matches the physiological curve of person.

There are two main points of view on the backrest: One is without , so that people will naturally maintain their back upright posture to reduce back pressure, but people can not stay upright for a long time . The second view is now well-known : chair come with backrest(ergonomic posture chair). people will not sit in the chair like a statue. They will change various postures. The backrest will give  a chance to rest and relax. However, For really relax, it depends on whether the curve design is reasonable.

The size of the chair

The dimensions should be set according to its different functions, in accordance with the anthropometric data and the standards promulgated by the state, constantly testing and set a reasonable range of dimension to meet a scientific design.
For most designers and manufacturers, set the right scale is the first step in manufacturing ergonomic furnitures.because the length, width and height of the furniture and placement all should with reference of the measurement data and body scale . However, it is impossible for a typical company to measure a large amount of data when designers furniture. Without professional equipment and specialized surveying and mapping, the data is unscientific and unreliable. At the same time, manufacturers do not have much time and energy to invest in data measurement. Therefore, designers should be good at using existing authoritative data and based on real situation, appropriate modifications and adjustments,only by heart can really ergonomically designed chair

The details of the chair design

Famous designer attach great importance to the details of the chair, which is the "millimeter effect". In their views, the small difference will lead to chair a wide variety of comfort. We can see that the valuable data is often within a range, if any randomness and error in the data, then the final scale of the chair may out of expectation, which is why the masters will choose and test carefully for the data.

In addition, the use of connecting parts, from the connection type to the connection position, even to the choice of screws, they are meticulous,  the connector is an indispensable component, good components will also give the chair a unparalleled feeling.

Therefore, the pursuit of details is also the key to the success or failure of ergonomic furniture.

The aesthetic of the chair

The chair combine both function and asethetic, take care of the different psychological emotions may brought to people by the different environments,With the advancement of science and technology and the rapid development of industrial design, ergonomic products pursuit both practical and artistic ,because practical art is most closely related to people's daily lives such as clothing, food, and use, and it directly serves people's needs.Similarly, ergonomics is also a "people-oriented" discipline, focuses on human physiology, improve human productivity and quality of life.In addition, there is an interdependent relationship between the two. On the one hand, practical art is the object of ergonomic research, and at the same time it is the medium of its value conversion., only the two are fully combined can they complement each other.

Finnish furniture designer Kuka Polo believes that the human curve is the most beautiful. The shape of the chair designed according to the human body curve is also a product of nature's beauty. In his own works, this idea goes through all the time.



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