How to open a barber shop

The “service industry” is very hot and accounts for a larger proportion of the national economy. It has also always become the main field of entrepreneurship. Experience-oriented consumption such as nail art, hairdressing, and foot baths which require person to person interaction and accomplish has begun flourish. So here I share my thoughts and experiences about how to open a barber shop, and I hope to help those people who are going to open a barber shop.

Shop location. Here, I suggest that the most insured way is to open next to a residential area with relatively high occupancy rate , Customers can be gathered, Of course, can also open stores in pedestrian malls, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc., mainly based on high crowed place.

Shop decoration. Follow the simple clean and bright principle, do not look messy , It does not matter the store is small .pay attention to the use of paint during the renovation, Before opening , try not to use too much paint (taste heavy, not easy to dispersed)

Store staffing. According to the size of the store and the number of customers, the barbers and shampoos that are required in the stores must be properly controlled. Costs must be controlled because the labor costs are increasing rapidly. The labor costs here should be well-coordinated with the income ratio.

Barber shop furniture investment : You need to purchase a complete set of barber equipment such as hair cutting kit , barber chairs, shampoo beds, hair dryers, beauty cart, salon hair steamer ,towel sterilizers, barber mirror stations etc. These furniture should match with your overall store style, and ensure the equipment is safe to use and durable for a long time.

Market research, Find your target customers, positioning the shop "characteristics." Due to the fierce competition in the barber shop, each barber shop must have its own "strongly recon"such as your different barbers’ strengths ,also for specific subdivision like . Men's Haircuts, Women's Haircuts, Men's Buzz cut, Women's Hair Curls and other your specific top-one.

Marketing strategy. Recharge cards or VIP card can be used appropriately, or low-price haircut can be launched during holidays, and sometimes they can participate in free haircut for the aged and other strategies to increase your brand influence and popularity.

These above six points just do a overall analysis before opening a store. not very comprehensive and in-depth. Different countries and different customer groups may require specific analysis of specific issues.



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