How to maintain the hydraulic barber chair?

As people pay more and more attention to appearance, the development of the hairdressing industry has gradually become stronger. In the hairdressing industry, all kinds of hairdressing furniture have created beautiful for us. In all hairdressing shops, barber chairs It is the most common hairdressing furniture and the most basic hairdressing furniture. There are many kinds of hairdressing chairs, hydraulic chairs, children's hairdressing chairs and shampoo chairs.

leather maintenance:

1. Avoid using hard objects to scratch the chair surface. The leather fabric is usually more wear-resistant, but it is easy to be scratched by hard objects. Sharp objects such as scissors and razors used in hair salons must be properly placed.

Second, the leather surface material needs regular care. You can use the leather surface protective agent to spray and wipe the hair surface of the hairdressing chair from time to time for maintenance. If the chair surface is stained with dyes, perm agents and other difficult-to-clean items, you can wipe it with cotton cloth and a little gasoline, which can effectively avoid the hairdressing chair surface staining

oil pump maintenance:

Oil pump: The main function is to adjust the height of the hairdressing chair by lifting. Normally, the oil pump will not have any quality problems. When buying the oil pump, be careful not to buy an oil pump that seeps oil.  stepping on the way of half stop and half stop can effectively improve the service life of the hydraulic pump of the hairdressing chair.

Base maintenance:

1. You cannot use sandpaper or other materials to wipe the hairdresser chair base. The electroplated surface is usually chrome plated, which has the functions of anti-rust and anti-corrosion. If there is a bit of rust, you can choose to wipe it with a dry cotton cloth. In addition, you need to clean the base frequently to keep it clean and shining

2. the stainless steel base  is relatively easy to care, just wipe it often.



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