What is the difference between hydraulic chair and pneumatic chair?

Today, we often see lifts chair in the office or in the study room. It is more common in barber shops. Many people have heard of the dangers of air lifts and even worry about riding a wheelchair lift. Today, we are talking about a hydraulic lift chair which similar to a pneumatic lift chair. What is the difference between a hydraulic lift chair and a pneumatic lift chair? Is the hydraulic lift chair safe?

What is a hydraulic lift chair

A hydraulic chair,, usually refers to a chair that uses a hydraulic pump (also known as a hydraulic cylinder) and has height lifting, rotating, and other functions. The hydraulic lift chair is a kind of lift chair., which means that the height of the chair  can be adjusted up and down, and the chair can be a swivel . People usually use a rotary lift chair, a swivel chair, and office chair, and so on to name it. Since the chair has a lifting device for adjusting the height,the chair can be raised and lowered. Depending on whether the lifting device used is pneumatic or hydraulic, the lifting chairs are divided into two types, namely pneumatic chairs and hydraulic chairs.

Hydraulic lift chair function

Unlike ordinary chairs and pneumatic chairs, hydraulic chairs are usually adjusted by hydraulic pumps. Normally, the height can be adjusted within a certain range by adjusting the control bar. The working principle is similar to jack.

The seat cushion and backrest fabric are usually made of imitation leather, and the inner filling is sponge. The overall frame packaging uses multi-layer boards and metal frames, and the armrests usually use PU materials leather sponge wood structure, metal materials, etc.,

The base shape of the hydraulic chair usually has five stars, round, square and other shapes. The material is chrome-plated or stainless steel, and the stainless steel  is relatively expensive.

The difference between hydraulic lift chair and pneumatic lift chair

The working principle of the hydraulic lifting chair is to use the pressure generated by the hydraulic oil to lift the chair. The lifting speed is relatively slow, but the generated force is big, which is usually used in barber shops. Because people sit on a chair when they get a haircut the pressure on the chair does not rise, so only hydraulic pressure can be used. The hydraulic system is more expensive.

The working principle of the pneumatic lift chair is to raise the chair by using pure nitrogen generated by inert gas. The elevator is fast, but the pressure generated is relatively small, but the price is relatively cheap, suitable for home, office and factory use.

From the appearance, the rod is a slender tube, and the hydraulic rod is a very thick cylinder. The hydraulic lift chair is less dangerous.



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