Children's hair cutting scissors purchase instructions

Considering safety and convenience, when trimming children's hair, please try not to use hairdressing knives or stationery knives used by adults, but choose children-specific products. Of course, there are many electric scissors now, but many younger babies will be afraid of the buzzing sound. So sometimes I have to use scissors.


1. Points to choose

First of all, let's understand how to choose suitable children's hairdressing scissors if you want to trim your baby's hair at home.


Choose scissors that are sharp enough


The most important thing about children's haircut scissors is whether they are sharp enough. If the blade is too blunt, not only will it be difficult to cut the desired hairstyle, but it may also damage the baby's hair quality. Although the blade materials of products on the market vary, most children's scissors are made of stainless steel. You may wish to refer to the reviews before purchasing to select products that are sharp and easy to cut.


A style with a short blade and a smooth head is preferred


The biggest difference between the haircut scissors for children and adults is the difference in blade shape. Considering safety, most of the styles for children are shorter and have a rounded front end. If the blade is too long, it is easy to accidentally cut too much area, mess up the hairstyle, and it will be difficult to finely trim a few strands of hair. In addition, because young children generally cannot sit still, they may be injured if they suddenly move around during trimming. Therefore, please try to choose a style with a round tip so as not to scratch the tender skin of your child.


Thinning knife for improving hair thickness


If you want to make your hair look lighter, create a sense of layering, or avoid cutting a large bangs with one stroke, you can use a thinning knife with a serrated blade to assist. Although there are a wide variety of products on the market, some manufacturers will note the degree of thinning and mark whether it is for children.


If the tooth pitch of the knife body is wide, only a little hair can be cut at a time, so it is necessary to repeatedly adjust the angle of entry of the knife and the number of times of trimming, which will test the skills of the hair cutter; for parents who are not yet proficient in hair cutting, it is recommended to start with thinning hair For low-volume styles, replace them after you get your hands on them.

2. Tips for cutting hair for children

First of all, in addition to a child's haircut scissors, a cloak (which can be replaced by a raincoat), a comb and a fixed hair clip, the props to be prepared also need a water spray bottle that can tidy up messy hair, and spread newspapers on the floor to facilitate cleaning after the end.


In addition, hair dandruff is easy to stick to the skin or clothes when trimming the bangs, so it is also necessary to prepare gauze handkerchiefs, towels and tape for finishing. The last thing that is indispensable is a toy or cartoon that the child likes, so that they will not move around because of impatience.


Trim with two fingers


When trimming children's hair, it is inevitable that children will be disturbed by movement. At this time, it is best to use the index finger and middle finger to clamp the hair to be cut before trimming. You can also extend the other fingers together to block the front of the baby's face, so as to prevent them from being scratched by the blade when they turn their heads suddenly.


Use thinning knife to create hairstyle


Thinning scissors can avoid cutting the knife too neatly, and can also cut thick hair to make it more light and layered. When cutting bangs, you can first use a hairdressing knife to cut a little longer than the target hairstyle, and then use a thinning knife to trim the hair tail to avoid the bulky feeling of cutting across the board. In addition, when using a thinning knife, you also have to hold the hair with your fingers, and trim it slowly while checking the overall look to create a natural hairstyle.


Coping strategies for children's resistance to hair cutting


Children are generally not good at sitting in a chair for a long time, so how to distract children is very important to let them cut their hair quietly and well-behaved. Parents can pre-prepare their children's favorite DVDs, shows, or novelty toys. Or you can ask another parent to help with distraction. For example, feeding the baby with snacks and candy is a good way.


However, if the above methods do not work, please be sure to stop, because if done in a forced way, children may hate haircuts from then on. Another way is to try to trim a small area a little bit every day. If it still doesnt go well, you can try to do it after the baby is asleep. However, this method can only trim the bangs and sides, and the rear hair will have to be sorted out another day



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