Why most kids scared for haircuts?

Kids haircut is a nightmare for many parents. Taking your kid out for a hair cut is like going for a war! If you are a parent, you might have already gone through this whole chaos about convincing your kid for a haircut. Even if you have convinced him for a haircut, as soon as he arrives at the Salon and sees the scissors in the hands of the professional, his fear goes to the next level he ends up crying and howling!

Well, this is not something unnatural. Crying during a haircut is an age-old issue with kids. Kids are young and innocent. As scissors are involved in a haircut, they get scared of it. Their psychology goes on as if the professional is going to hurt them somehow.

The main issue

The main issue associated with kids haircut is those shiny big scissors. After one such kids haircut, I asked a four-year-old boy, why are you crying so much? He replied, "The guy has cut my EARS". Funny isn't it? By hearing the sounds of the scissors and by looking at its size, they end up imagining that the professional uncle is surely going to chop off his ears! There is no way you can stop a kid’s imagination!

When you forcibly try to restrain your toddler, the matter gets even worse! If your child is in trauma and you try to restrain him, surely he will start moving vigorously and end up chopping his EARS! Any kind of force can terrible enhances phobia. Apparently, it might look like it is those scissors that re bothering the kid, but if the kid is not handled properly in this situation, the fear can exaggerate and create a bad experience for rest of his life.

What can you do to get your kid rid of this fear?

There are several things you can try out.

· First of all, take your kid to a person who is right at handling children and not just scare them out. If the hair artist is well-spoken and behaves in a friendly manner with the kid, the kid might get some comfort and support.

· Though bribing is not quite a good habit in real, but to deal with this matter you can promise your kid to buy him his favourite chocolate if he goes for the haircut without making any trouble. You can call this as a prize for his bravery.

· Next, you need to make sure that the professional is gentle with your child's hair. Sometimes kids cry because they are sensitive to touch. In many salons, the professionals simply pull off the kid's hair during the haircut session. The kid gets super sensitive to that kind of touch and starts crying. So no matter what you need to choose a salon where the staff and professionals have a friendly attitude towards your kid.

· Lastly, try to hide the large scissors from the little ones as much as possible. Since scissors are the main reason for fear, they need to be kept away from your kid's eyesight.




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