How To Choose The Best Manicure Table

Manicure tables are an essential part of a nail salon. They come in different shapes and sizes. The table you choose will determine how fast and easy you work on your clients'. You need the best equipment for your work. There are different options for nail salon furniture in the market. Below are a few tips to help you pick the best manicure table.

The quality of the nail table you choose matters a lot. It can be frustrating for nail polishes to fall and damage the table. It is advisable to select one with an acetone-proof finish. This way the table will be well protected from chemical and also easy to clean. Alternatively, you can choose a table made of melamine to prevent scratches. Melamine is the most affordable material for those on a tight budget. Pay attention to additional features like dust resistance.

Choose a color that fits your preference. Black tables are the most preferred because they mask marks and unwanted stains. Also, white tables are excellent at hiding dust. Keep in mind that your clients will notice your interiors when they first walk in. Pick a manicure desk that matches with the color scheme and visual theme of your salon. For example, if the interior is made of mostly wood panelling, it makes sense to pick a wooden table because it will blend well with the interior décor. In addition, interiors that have a futuristic theme go well with a table made of glass and steel.

You don't have to spend a lot to get a good manicure table. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing nail salon furniture. There are cheap tables that go for about $50. Also, there are others that are costly and go for about $500. Create a budget before you pick a specific type of nail table. Take a look at the latest reviews to get an idea of where you can buy the best tables. For those on a tight budget, you can opt to shop from spas that are closing. However, they need to be in good condition.

As much as looks are important, your focus needs to be in the utility value of the nail table. It needs to be of the right height for it to match the level of your chairs. The depth and width of the table should be sufficient for customers to be comfortable. Pick a table that has enough drawers where you can store all the implements used. The design you choose needs to be efficient for you to maximize your use of the table. It is advisable you consider functionality over style. There are mobile manicure desks that come with wheels so that you can move it anywhere you would like it to be stationed. Ensure that they come with locking wheels to avoid skidding.

The right nail salon furniture is vital for quality service. Your clients will have a pleasant experience and most likely come back. Ensure that you also have all the implements that are necessary for you to do the job well.



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