Nail table ideas

With the improvement of living standards and also the increasing pursuit of fashion and beauty, more and more people are willing to invest in personal grooming. Nail art is the investment that most women make , and the market and demand increase year by year. The nail art also pursues personalization and diversification.

If you are planning to invest in a nail shop, the essential furniture surely is the nail station table. The choice of a nail table is usually related to price and quality.

The price is generally divided into different grades, the most common one price in market is within a few hundred dollars , but if you go to china salon furniture supplier to buy directly, the price may be much cheaper, but the freight will be relatively expensive, if you need more at one time may be There will be big discounts, Luxury or custom made in five or six hundred US dollars or more,also you should know whether you need a single person table, double person-table, three person table, whether you need manicure table with adjustable lamp,nail table with fan and other accessories , the following styles, the basic price is only about 100-200 US dollars only for the table, of course, we can see a lot of people online buying second-hand furniture, do not know if the price is cheaper.

In terms of quality, I think that in general, for beauty shops, one to five years will surely update the equipment. Therefore, it is generally necessary to ensure that it lasts at least 1-5 years. For wooden nail tables, if it is not deliberately destroyed , it should be guaranteed, but some beauty table tops are glass, so this requires the owner to pay attention to daily maintenance and prevent hard hit. In general, these glass surfaces have good tenacity. The above prerequisite is You find a responsible seller.



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