How to Start a Beauty Salon


Thinking of starting a beauty salon? Well, while venturing into the cosmetic services industry may seem lucrative and exciting at first thought; it can be equally difficult and frustrating if you're not well-prepared for the challenges that come with it. From undertaking thorough market research to developing a pricing strategy and estimating your startup budget, startup beauty salon owners- typically- need to look into several essential aspects to get their new business ventures going. Below, we've elaborated upon some of the key aspects that you'll need to take into account if you're looking to realize your dream of opening a beauty salon.

Decide on Your Niche

Makeup services? Spa services? nail care services? Take your pick! Beauty salons generally offer a wide range of services, with some choosing to specialize in certain specific services. Specialization is a great way to gain a competitive advantage over time, as your salon is more likely to become known for a specific beauty service that it specializes in, as opposed to if you were to generalize in all kinds of beauty services. Alternatively, you could opt to offer a combination of services- say, two or three- depending on how much capital resources you have to spare.

Draft a Business Plan

This is one document you can't afford to overlook, as it provides you with a roadmap to achieving your startup goals. For a new salon business, a conclusive business plan should contain all the aspects pertaining to the launch, marketing, and review of the business during its first year or two. It should also elaborate on how you plan to mitigate risks that might threaten to hamper the success of your salon business, as well as how you plan to take advantage of trends within the cosmetics industry to improve your brand's competitive advantage and revenue returns.

Research your Customer Demographics

Failing to identify one's target market is one mistake most startup salon businesses usually make, which eventually leads to their downfall. To avoid a similar fate, ensure to research the market and have an in-depth knowledge of your target demographic. For instance- if you're looking to start your salon in an affluent area, you might want to research the expectations of the upper-middle class- upper class demographic. Similarly, if you're targeting young adults, you'll need to look into what service standards people in this age group expect once they enter a beauty salon. This will help you structure your services accordingly, as well as inform your pricing strategy.

Decide on the Location

For brick-and-mortar businesses, salons included, their physical location usually counts a lot towards their ability to attract customers. Do you want your new beauty salon near a college campus so that you can easily be accessible to the young adult demographic? Or do you prefer to set up shop in an affluent neighborhood due to the presumption that the residents there are more willing to spend on beauty products and services? You'll need to ask yourself such questions and more, as they will help you evaluate your options and settle on a befitting location that is within reach of your target market.

Get your Finances in Order

During the process of opening a beauty salon, one thing you'll definitely want to avoid is underestimating your startup costs. Having to run your beauty spot on fine margins is highly likely to undermine the growth and revenue potential of your new business venture. Make sure you undertake thorough research to establish your overall licensing and insurance costs. You'll also need to carefully calculate your facility rental costs, as well as salary and utility expenditures. After establishing how much you'll require, figure out how you'll acquire the funding. You could dig into your own personal savings, borrow from a bank, partner up with a startup investor: whichever option suits your personal situation!


Other aspects you'll need to take into consideration before opening a new beauty salon include the design aesthetics, the staff personnel, and social media branding. While these factors may appear secondary to fundamental considerations like startup budgeting and drafting a business plan, they're also crucial to the success of a new salon business. Without the right staff to abide by and execute your business plan- for instance- your salon's prospects may be undermined.



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