What group of people not recommended to use the massage chair 

When people feel tired, It is a good rest to sit on home massage chair do body Massage ,. Do not underestimate the effectiveness of a massage chair. For people who are working and studying for a long time, the massage will help for blood circulation , relieve back pain and prevent diseases, greatly improve sleep quality.

Although massage chairs with so many benefits, some people are not suitable for massage chairs, for example:

1. Patients with heart disease, hypertension and osteoporosis. Because massage can speed up the body's blood circulation, it can easily lead to heart disease for Hypertensive patients; osteoporosis is due to calcium deficiency , easily lead to brittle bone, if massage strength is heavy, especially easy to cause fractures; 2. People who with skin injury, ulcers, bleeding and tuberculosis,

2. People who is extremly hunger, fullness, drunk or excessive fatigue;

3. The aged

The massage chair by mechanical rolling force and squeezing force to massage. strength is not easy to control, if strength is very small will no any effect,. but if too big, it will cause muscle pain or even physical injury. Because the aged have narrow intervertebral space, which makes the ligaments around the spine in a relaxed state. Improper use of a massage device can lead to biomechanical changes in the spine, lumbar disc herniation etc, aggravating the body's discomfort. For patients with osteoporosis, the bone becomes fragile and easy to cause fractures. It is not advisable to use electric massage chairs. The electric massage chair can relax the body and relieve pain, but if it is used improperly, it can cause physical injury, so the old should be careful when using it. Therefore, they should choose a massage device that mainly uses massage device for local muscles or acupoints, and the massage time should not exceed half an hour.

The principle of a massage chair is to use mechanical rolling force and mechanical force. Manual massage can dredge the meridians, circulate the blood, and maintain the balance of the body. Therefore, after massage, you can feel muscle relaxation, joints flexible, make people feel excited, eliminate fatigue, and play an important role in keeping good health. For normal people, Manual massage can enhance the body's natural resistance to disease and lead to good health.

However, the mechanical massage is different from the manual massage. Although the massage chair has several massage heads, it can not select specific acupuncture points, and perform similar manual massage actions, It only imitates the actions of “kneading” and “pinching”. Therefore, the massage chair can only eliminate fatigue, relieve discomfort, play a relaxing role, does not have a therapeutic effect.

Notices for using the massage chair:

1.First When using a massage chair, you should relax physically and mentally. your thoughts should be concentrated. In particular, be calm and don't be nervous.

2.Second, adjust the intensity of massage chairs

3.Third, 20 minutes each time is appropriate, preferably the morning and evening, such as after getting up early in the morning and before going to bed.

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