How to prevent barber chairs from getting damp

Nowadays, with the rise of the beauty and hairdressing industry, we can see a variety of hair salons everywhere in the streets and alleys. Different hairdressing chairs are also displayed in barber shops with different decoration styles. We can easily find that there are many kinds of materials for hairdressing chairs nowadays. The cushions and backrests are mostly made of leather or fabric, while the overall frame is mostly made of wood or metal. Regardless of the material of the hairdressing chair, it is easy to get damp or moldy in continuous rainy and humid rainy days, which also brings a certain degree of loss to the interests of the barber shop. So how can we prevent the hairdressing chair from getting damp?

Next, we will mainly lead you to explore the following tips in the following four aspects. Let's take a look:

1. Leather part: We know that the outer skin of barber chairs on the market today is mainly organic synthetic leather, and leather will easily become cold and hard after being damp and exposed to water, resulting in wear and tear. In some corners that we don't easily notice, mold spots are also easy to appear on the surface. For this reason, after we routinely clean the dust and bacteria on the surface of the chair, we can also wipe it with some leather oil. If it is made of genuine leather, we can also put some desiccant to keep it dry.

2. Fabric part: Fabric material is actually more difficult to wipe with cloth than leather. For this reason, fabric is moisture-proof, and a special vacuum cleaner should be used to clean the dust on its surface. The low-grade hot air of the hair dryer can be used to blow the sofa to help remove moisture from the sofa.

3. Wood part: The key to moisture-proofing wood is to maintain its gloss. You can evenly apply a special detergent or protective wax on its surface and wipe it gently.

4. Metal part: Wipe the metal part frequently with a dry rag on a humid day. If rust occurs, you can use a dishcloth or toothbrush dipped in rust inhibitor to brush it off, and then polish it with a dry cloth.



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