How to choose salon mirror?

1. Floor mirror

As the name implies, the floor mirror is a mirror used on the ground. Generally, the mirror is relatively large in size. The floor mirror directly in the ground, the more attention is paid to its cleanliness, because there is inevitably some dust or Hair is produced, so cleaning the mirror should also be done from time to time. In general, the area covered by the floor mirror is relatively large, but the disadvantage is that its cleaning is relatively troublesome.

 2. Single-sided mirror

 A single-sided mirror is a mirror that appears on the mirror table and can only shine on a small area. In fact, the above-mentioned floor mirror can also be summarized into a single-sided mirror. The characteristics of the single-sided mirror are because they are mounted on the wall. , So it is not easy to get dirty, and the stain resistance is relatively strong, but the object image irradiated in the mirror is not very complete, but it is also more than rubbing for the hair salon;

 3. Double-sided mirror

 (1) Three-dimensional

 The three-dimensional double-sided mirror has relatively more specifications, but it also takes up more space. If the space of the hair salon is large, it can still be used. It is not recommended for small hair salons;

 (2) Mirror table

 The double-sided mirror of the mirror table is installed on the static, which is also the type of dirt-resistant. The biggest advantage is the double-sided, which saves space, and uses all that can be used in the limited space, compared with small hair salon This type of mirror is common.



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