Should the hair salon waiting chair be leather or fabric?

should the hair salon waiting chair be leather or fabric?

When hair salon owners choose salon furniture, they always have such entanglements, which one is better to buy? Two completely different materials, which one is more suitable? Which material is more suitable for displaying in your hair salon?

1. Leather hair salon waiting chair

1. High-end atmosphere upscale

The dark colors such as black, gray and brown that leather sofas have always admired are synonymous with texture and high-end, and they have a high-cold attribute when placed in a hairdressing salon.

2. No need to worry about cleaning

In fact, the leather sofa is easier to take care of. Not only does it not have the problem of being blackened, even if it is annoying dust accumulation in the gaps, it can be solved by just dusting it twice.

How to choose leather hair salon waiting chair?

1. Genuine leather refers to the use of natural leather, including cowhide, pigskin, rabbit skin, horse skin, donkey skin and other animal skins. The leather commonly used in sofas is cowhide.

2. News, touch and press when purchasing leather sofas. The real leather has an animal smell, while the imitation leather mainly has the pungent smell of leather. In addition, the tactility of the leather sofa is very good, full of elasticity, very skin-friendly and breathable, and the leather sofa has obvious halo marks after pressing, but the imitation leather does not.

2. Fabric hair salon waiting chair

1. Variety of shapes

The advantage of the fabric sofa is that it has rich colors and changeable styles. Whether it is black, white, gray or colorful, the fabric sofa can be easily controlled.

2. The price is close to the people and the price is high

High cost performance does not represent an "affordable" image. You can change the sofa style according to the change of the store style. If you are tired of aesthetics, even if you change it many times, the budget will not be too high.

How to choose a waiting chair for a fabric hair salon?

The fabric sofa can be lively, elegant, casual, and restrained. No matter what style your hair salon wants, the fabric sofa can meet it.

Cotton and linen: antistatic, no pilling, no curling, no free charge, cotton fiber is not easy to deform. Natural and environmentally friendly, it is a real green ecological textile.

Cotton: Good air permeability, soft touch, simple and natural beauty, soft luster, excellent alkali and heat resistance.

Printing: colorful and bright, no pilling, no rough edges, not easy to deform.

Jacquard: Full hand feeling, thick texture, strong and wear-resistant, good air permeability, comfortable sitting feeling, not stuffy or damp. The flower shape has layers, the color is unique, and the bumps have a three-dimensional effect.

Whether to use leather or fabric waiting chairs in hair salons, according to personal experience, if you want to save worry and trouble, fabric ones are relatively easy to take care of. If you don't worry about maintenance troubles, buy genuine leather



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