Business ideas that take advantage of tattoo fashion

Tattoos, which until recently were associated with anti-conformist personalities, even marginal ones, have democratized greatly in recent years. Famous athletes (especially footballers) or singers proudly display the drawings marked on their skin, and the younger population considers tattoos as something very normal. A 2012 data said that 26% of young people between 18 and 29 years old had some type of tattoo. Therefore, there may be some business opportunities for entrepreneurs starting a tattoo business. Here I propose three, and watch out for the third one that is as original as it is disturbing.

Open a tattoo studio

I start with the most obvious proposal: if there are more and more people who get a tattoo, and also people who already have one tend to want to get another one later, then setting up a tattoo studio doesn't seem like a bad idea. Obviously, tattooing is an art, and not everyone can be a good artist, no matter how much training you have. Even so, there are many creative people with talent.

The initial investment of a business of these characteristics is similar to what it costs to set up a hairdresser, with the largest amounts being the adequacy of the premises, the furniture and the tools to make the tattoos. Do not forget the health issue, and associated licenses.

This type of business works a lot on recommendation, so the beginnings can be a bit complicated. However, if the artists of the studio work well, little by little they will get new clients and the old ones will return.

Offer a tattoo removal service

In recent years, a rumor has spread that current technology allowed the removal of tattoos so people started a tattoo business on the premises of this idea. It is not completely true. Current laser techniques allow small tattoos to be treated, but neither have a guaranteed result nor are they simple. Normally, several sessions spaced for several weeks are necessary (so that the skin recovers). In the meantime, that part of the skin is not very healthy looking. It's better not to expose it much to the sun anyway.

That said, there are cases in which tattoos can be removed, and therefore an option is to start a business of this type, for those who regret their choice, or who have a tattoo that seems ugly.

An alternative to removing the tattoo is to make another one above. There are very good artists who achieve great results. But that would go into the services of the tattoo studio we discussed before.

Save the tattoo forever

And we come to the last business idea, the one I told you that might seem a bit disturbing. Actually, it is a service that already exists in the United States. When a person dies, and that person had a tattoo, the service offers the possibility of recovering the original tattoo, and framing it, so that the person's relatives can enjoy the design when the deceased is no longer among them. I don't know how much acceptance that idea could have in other parts of the world, but when a tattoo is associated with a person, close relatives may want to keep this memory, despite what it implies.



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