Is tattoo removal a good business?

While you may think of conventional business ideas when starting a new business, an unconventional and emerging business plan is the idea of tattoo removal business. The demand for removing tattoo is continuously thriving, making the tattoo removal business a multi-billion dollar business with continuous growth.

Why tattoo removal is essential?

With unemployment on the rise and growing competitiveness in job hunting, the demand for removing or covering up tattoos is increasingly becoming essential. People who are already posted on a job have to hide permanent decorations imprinted on their skins for maintaining professional image. A lot of people who get tattooed aren’t driven for removing their old tattoos due to professional issues, but they’re doing it because of personal preferences.

Growth in tattoo removal

The figures for Tattoo removal are quite staggering as John Keefe, CEO of LA-based clinic for Tattoo removal Dr. Tatoff stated that more than 40 million people have been inked and around 17% of them want to remove their tattoos.

Keefe said “around 66% of the inked population is of the ages between 25 and 45 and what used to look cool at 18 currently annoys them as some are parents with kids”.

One problem here is that, quite often these individuals who liked getting inked don’t wish to have former lover name while staring right into the face of newly met romantic interest.

According to Nancy Roberts, CEO of “A major turn-off for people who are thinking of moving ahead in life is tattoos of former girlfriends and boyfriends” that features up a cover-up formulated for scars and tattoos.

Costs associated with tattoo removal

The permanent way of removing tattoos is among the most time consuming and thorough processes. This would be immensely popular and lucrative for businesses that offer such services, but the cost would be the expertise function, high-tech equipment and time that would be sufficient for removing this. “This would cost around ten times more for removing tattoo compared to one that has been put on and this takes around one year to become efficient and safe for complete removal,” according to John Keefe.

The cost would be $40 per square inch that would be laser treatment compared to average of ten treatments that can be required. Provided that the average tattoo would be around 4 square inches, the average cost meant for a tattoo runs for around $1,600.

Based on body location, ink and the type of skin, all removal processes provided under tattoo removal business are quite different and all are available with different rates of success. Over the total time period of a year, the overall tattoo would completely get faded. Dr. Will Kirby, board certified dermatologist and D.O., uses a general machine that would “enter skin and without getting damaged non-tattooed skin can destroy and target foreign objects; namely ink.”

According to Roberts, dermatologists are often able to combine the right use of cover-up through the drawn out process of removal.

Dr Tatoff, presently operates around three clinics around the Los Angeles area, and is gradually getting towards the verge of becoming publicly traded company that trades on market exchange like NASDAQ.

Around 7 million people are waiting to get their tattoos removed out and provided that the costs would run around more than $1500 each, then this can simply turn to an industry worth $10 billion.

Tattoo removal business scope

Presently the national market is being served through fragmented market of dermatologists that operate on one-off basis and typically don’t dedicate their whole life to the practice of tattoo removal.

For the time being, the cover-up industry numbers are also rapidly growing at meteoric rates. According to Roberts, is getting internet based sales that have soared to three fold currently from the year 2007. Perhaps the reason here stems from fact that many are there are a lot of people who actually love their tattoos but they just have to cover these for professional instances such as presentations, interviews and they abide by the rules.

With rapidly changing styles the tattoo removal business is showing exponential growth, and various norms are also shifting backwards with job seekers finding that they would get a lot of benefits in courts. In fact, in the present month, a former Starbucks Texas employee filed a suit while claiming that he had all rights for a tattoo and his termination wasn’t right.

However, under present environment, it would make a lot more sense to get these covered up. These things conclude the fact that around 40 million tattooed Americans are shifting towards the famous expensive laser tattoo removal surgery options provided by tattoo removal business or cover-up of a lifetime.



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