The barcelona chair introduction

Product features

The famous "Barcelona Chair" is a classic piece of modern furniture design. It becomes collection of museums. It supported by a curved, cross-shaped stainless steel frame which make it very beautiful and functional. Two rectangular cushions make up the seat (cushion) and backrest. The chair was hand-polished at that time, with beautiful appearance and functional features. The design of the Barcelona chair caused a sensation then. Today, it also be wellknown as a classic creative chair style.

Barcelona chairs on the market

barcelona chair price can be vary largely on different market ,it most depend on the material used and workship also have different colors for choose like white ,black ,red , brown,green etc ,but it seem the black and white barcelona chairs is most popular one.


The Barcelona leather chair was designed by designer Mies at the 1929 Barcelona World Fair to welcome the king and queen of Spain and to coordinate with the famous German Pavilion. This oversized chair also clearly shows a noble and dignified identity. The German Pavilion of the World Expo in that year was a masterpiece of Mies, but because of the unique design of the building, there was no suitable furniture to match it. So he had to specially design a Barcelona bench to welcome the king and queen.

Used material:

Solid frame: Filled solid iron with 202-gauge hollow stainless steel. Features: Appearance Oxidation time is slow, load capacity is high, bending strength is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary chair.

Load-bearing belt: A single bearing capacity rating of approximately 35 to 50 kilograms, is secured on solid frame with a bolt. Strong and durable, but it takes time to recover shape after bearing weight. It is recommended to use with the cushion.

Leather of Cushion and Backrest:

Uses high quality PU leather. The cushions and backs are filled with high-density sponges that have good recovery and are not easily deformed. The characteristics of the leather is anti-wear, breathable, soft texture, cost-effective.

Hardware accessories: strong and durable, smooth surface

Single chair

Double seater

Three seater


The Barcelona sofa has created a precedent for modern classic hom deco. It expresses a stylish aesthetic lifestyle . People-oriented, pursuit of comfortable and peaceful color matching, light up every corner of your home, giving you a free living space Listen quietly to the sound of time!

Functional Area: Living Room / Bedroom / Balcony /Lobby Waiting Area / Office / Indoor Cafe / Outdoor Cafe / Club/



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