The Choice Of Wooden Beauty Bed

Beauty bed is a unique design that can help the beautician adapt to the various angles and orientations of the human body during the process. So in that sense a good beauty treatment bed should be carefully selected, and the wooden beauty bed is the first choice of many beauticians, then what the features of wood beauty beds? and how to choose a good one?

The stability of beauty massage bed is very important, and the stability of the wood is the best. Here are some of the characteristics of wooden beauty beds.

Advantages of wooden beauty bed

1. Healthy and environmentally friendly.  is a natural wood product, so its materials are environmentally friendly and healthy, showing a natural and original beauty. The wood beauty bed is a long-lasting bed product. In terms of color, the natural wood color is in line with the psychological needs of people advocating nature and the intimate beauty of the original.

2, Durable. The service life of a general spa massage bed is 3 or 4 years, but wood beauty bed is at least 6 times that of service life!

3, Value preservation. if the material is good, and well-made, there will be value preservation.

4, Can with exquisite carving, smooth appearance, because wood is suitable for carving, the product is beautiful!

5, Natural feeling.the material of pure solid wood will bring a natural atmosphere to your space, let the house away from the cold steel and modern chemical materials, and bring a warm "wood gas" to the home environment, so it is quite welcome and bring a warm feeling.

Characteristic of different kinds of wood

1 Pine wood : pine beauty bed shape is simple and generous, lines are full and smooth

2 Oak : thick oak structure, light color, wear-resistant, in most case of Furniture decoration, flooring and other materials, are chosen to be made of oak. With a wide range of usage, strong in water absorption and corrosion resistant. The quality of the solid wooden massage table made with it is very good.

3 Elm: tough, high mechanical strength, strong corrosion resistance; moderate hardness and strength, suitable for engraving, texture is clear, the planing surface is smooth, the wood grain is beautiful,after reshaped, carved and lacquered, can be made a exquisite lacquer crafts.

4 Ash : one of the hardest woods in the wood. During the processing, the ordinary saw blade can not cut it off, Must need with professional saw blade, Second its wood grain is very beautiful. The wooden structure is thick, the texture is straight, the pattern is beautiful, shiny, and hardness.minimal aging and small changes in performance.

5 Camphor: moderate weight, fine structure, aroma, not easy to deform when dry.The aroma of the natural camphor wood also plays a role in calming and relaxing, which can make people feel extremely relaxed and relieved.

The wooden beauty bed has many advantages over other massage therapy table. It is very stable and helps the beautician's operation as well as the customer's experience. However, different wood performance are different.When choosing, you need to choose the right wood according to your own needs

How to choose

1. Be sure to choose the leather carefully to ensure the first touch of the beauty bed.

In terms of leather intimately in contact with customers, transdermal leather, or natural breathable leather, is preferred to ensure the first tactile sensation of the mattress.

2. Be sure to choose a sponge carefully to ensure the second touch.

Built-in filled sponge, carefully selected high-rebound sponge with "ideal comfort factor", gentle and texture, to ensure the second sense of touch of the mattress, with the mattress's high-grade gentle relieve customers all day fatigue.

3. Be sure to carefully select the wood material to make the bed frame, and ensure the third touch of the beautician bed.

chooses the wood material to make the bed frame, which achieves the high-end luxury of the beauty bed, environmental protection and health, and guarantees the third sense of touch of the beauty bed. In the sturdy beauty bed, you can enjoy the peace of mind and enjoy the SPA

Regular size of the beauty bed

The standard size of the beauty bed is 1900mm lenght, 700mm width and 650mm height. When purchasing a beauty bed, it should be purchased according to the size and style of the store decoration. Generally, the fabric, specifications, size and material can be customized.

The conventional size is 1900*700*650mm. Some massage beds are 700-900mm in width and 2000mm in length, and their height can be adjusted automatically.

Maintenance of wooden beauty bed

At present, the solid wood beauty bed is widely loved by consumers, but the daily maintenance related to its long service life, here is a brief introduction to how to maintain solid wood beauty beds.

1. Avoid direct sunlight

The long-term exposure of the sun to the surface of the bed makes it easy to unbalance the internal moisture of the wood and cause cracks; the solid wood beauty bed is best placed in a place where it can escape from the sun, or it is separated from the sun by a transparent gauze curtain. Neither affects the room

Inner lighting, and protects the indoor bed

2. Frequent dust removal

The surface is painted with paint, which is especially important for the maintenance and maintenance of the paint film. Once the paint film is destroyed, it not only affects the appearance, but also further affects the internal structure of the product. The dust rubs the surface of the solid wood bed every day and breaks the surface paint, so the wood should be kept clean. Remember to avoid stains with alcohol, benzine or other chemical solvents.

3. Avoid scratches

Scratches on solid wood beauty beds affect both aesthetics and their service life. Therefore, during normal activities, attention should be paid to the direct contact between hard objects and metal objects and protect the surface from scratches. If there is a slight scratch, it can be repaired with a repair cream and a color correction pen.

4. Away from high temperature heat source

In the winter, try to keep the heater away from the solid wood beauty bed, avoiding long-time high-temperature baking, causing local area cracking of the wood, deformation and deformation, and deterioration of the paint film.

5. Decontamination

European-style beauty beds are mostly white paint on the surface, which will turn yellow over time and it seems very unsatisfactory. You can use a rag to rub the toothpaste or toothpaste, and the color of the paint can be rubbed to avoid rubbing off the paint and damaging the surface of the bed.




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