The core massage chair parts

Nowadays, there are many brands of home massage chairs on the market. Some of them look similar in shape, but the price are different. This is because the internal accessories are not the same.

The core components of the massage armchair are followings

Motor: its main function is to generate drive torque as a power source for electrical appliances or various types of machinery. convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, which is also an important driving force for supporting the operation of the mechanical arm. The operation of the machine depends on the motor. The power of the massage chair is generally in the range of 220W-300W. Larger power operation is also more smooth.

Mechanical arm:The core part of the massage therapy chair, the metal is certainly better than the plastic, and some seem to be cheaper price, possible the internal parts used with cheap material such as the plastic ,which service life not long.

Leather: The massage chair generally use artificial leather like PU OR PVC LEATHER, . High-grade or expensive massage chairs generally use PU leather . Leather must be super-wear-resistant, soft and delicate, and professional waterproof, strong air permeability

Massage wheel: If it is a 3D massage chair, there are massage wheels. The material used determine the comfort. Such as medical silicone used in massage chair will be soft and elastic, and it is also more comfortable when massage.

The Printed board(main): It can be said to be the brain of the electric massage chair, used to control the massage chair program, power supply, and the operation of the pneumatic valve motor. The command is transmitted through the hand controller and received by the main board then issued to the massage mechanism , thereby performing Massage function

Frame: The frame supports the entire massage chair, which determines the weight bearing .The material of the frame also determines the service life . The steel frame is generally better,with high hardness and large bearing capacity.

The above are the main massage chair accessories. To buy a ideal massage chair, do not just look at the price. Parts are the important factors that determine the comfort, rationalization and service life.

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