The Future Trend of Airport Chairs - Multifunctional Airport Chairs

When waiting for the plane. Is there an office chair? or there is a time you want to have a meet or dinner face to face. Also is possible to lie down to sleep, and so on. By the way, where can the airport provide charging,can it be charged on the table?

Take a look at the following designer's future design of the airport terminal seating

Pay attention to the above picture. The backrest of the airport seating can be put aside under the desk so thatStretch leg put under the desk, which Immediately become a office desk.

Four sets of chairs can also be rotated and assembled into a square table.

According to your specific needs, you can lower the table column, and then turn the desktop down, immediately work as a bed.

There are power outlets and USB outlets on the desktop. Everything is too thoughtful.

This creative airport bench combination cleverly integrates elements such as chairs, conference tables, beds, power supplies, and recharging. An airportchair will surely attract more and more people.


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