Throne chairs for sale

The throne chair is different from ordinary chairs. Its design and price all reflect its nobility, luxury, and of course classic. Today's article mainly introduces its use, type, material, color, etc.

In terms of usage, the queen chair can be used in beauty salon, weddings, living rooms, hotels, coffee shops, etc.

1. From type

Antique throne chair

Modern throne chair

2.From materials

velvet throne chair: more comfortable to sit on, the color is fuller, and it looks more elegant

it’s not resistant to dirt and it’s inconvenient to clean.

leather throne chair :is currently most customer choose. It is not only bright in color and changeable in style, but also easy to clean, easy to maintain, beautiful and convenient.

3.From color

White throne chair: suitable for weddings, elegant

Purple Queen Chair: Upright atmosphere, highlighting nobleness

Blue throne chair: Elegance

Pink throne chair: cute, girly

Golden throne chair: luxury

Black throne chair; solemn

Red throne chair

4 Structurally

High back throne chair : high price, comfortable sitting posture, more atmospheric, not easy to transport

Middle back throne chair : cheap and easy to transport

5.King chair
Gold is the main color, highlighting the identity, and the price is higher

Of course, this type of chair can contact the manufacturer to customize the color and size to meet different needs



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