Five tips for choosing a barber chair

With the development of social economy and the improvement of living standards, the hairdressing industry also began booming,. Hairdressing chairs are also called hair cutting chairs. A reclining chair can also be classified as a grooming hairdressing chair. Under normal circumstances, it is only used for hairdressing and hair cutting. The comfort of the hairdresser is enough. The reclining chair requires an air rod to adjust the angle of the backrest, and the hydraulic barber chair can adjust the height, which is more convenient for the hairdresser and also take care the comfort of customers. So how to choose a favorite hairdressing chair?

1. Keep consistent with store decoration style

it is best to choose a style consistent with the shop decoration

2.Second, pay attention to the chair base and hydraulic pump

When we buy a hairdressing chair, we should pay attention to the base and hydraulic pump of the hairdressing chair. The hydraulic pump is mainly used to lift and rotate the hairdressing chair. Many times, the hairdresser adjusted the hydraulic pump to view the angle of the customer's head shape, so as to be able to work better, of course, guests can also watch their own hairdressing effect from multiple angles by lifting. When buying a hairdressing chair, you need to know what type of hydraulic pump it belongs to.

3. See if the chair frame is firm.

In general, we can easily distinguish it. For example,Use both hands to shake the entire hairdressing chair back and forth, left and right, and shake it. If it feels better, it means that the chair is of better quality.

4, look at the leather quality

Now most of the hairdressing chairs commonly used in hairdressing shops are made of PU leather and imitation leather. Of course, there will be high-end spa clubs or some hairdressing shops genuine leather series hairdressing chairs.

5, look at the choice of  foam  sponge.

Most of the chairs used in many hairdressing shops are filling foam sponge,  like back cushion. It is better to use a high-rebound foam sponge with a density of 25 kg / cubic meter or more.



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