Tips for Helping Kids who Hate Haircuts or Crying

We understand most kids fear going for haircut.

Most toddler hate haircuts and gets hysterical when haircut . This make parents feel a big headache, they are worried about baby's struggle easy to get hurt while during a haircut.Especially How to Keep Your Child Calm During a Haircut ?

Why do most of children cry when barbers cut their hair.

1. Kids first haircut usually are not similar with barber shop environment and the barber. they will reject or resist unfamiliarity things instinctly.

2. The hair clipper moves around on the head and makes a squeaky sound. The child will also be scared and feel that a dangerous thing.

3. There is a sensitive place on the child's head, and it is very itch if it is touched gently.

4. Before haircut bad experience, and remembered the uncomfortable feeling and did not want to have a haircut.

5. Some parents are afraid that their children will not cooperate and will be too much nervous when haircurt. Parental tensions can also cause tension and fear for children.

Tips to make toddler short haircuts less traumatic?

Parents can try to do hair cutting for kids at home when baby are young such as infant haircut, it will be more hygienic, also easy for the child to adapt.Before haircut at home, parents should keep relax , Tell the child that his or her hair should be treated and make them have a mental preparation. To take out the hair clipper early, give the child a play, reduce the child's strangeness to the hair clipper, do a cute baby haircuts.

1.To distract the child's attention.

A keep beside with the child and tell stories to them when they have haircut ,also can try to play his favorite cartoon.

B Prepare toys that are interest to your baby:

Barber is a very boring thing for the baby. so parents can give the baby a toy he likes very much when the baby is restless. Take a toy to help your baby spend time.

C Prepare baby's favorite snacks:

If the baby feels an emotion while having a haircut, parents can prepare some baby-loving snacks. For example, some babies like to eat sweets. Parents rewards the baby by a candy when they keep more peace.

2 Allow the baby to relax for during haircut.

If the baby is restless, do not force the baby to do what he does not like to do, parents can make a hair pause, Allow baby do some appropriate activities to ease the baby's tension and reduce the baby's hatred of the hair, wait for the baby's mood to improve, let the baby Continue to work with haircuts.

3 Do not threaten children.

When a child resents or rejects hairdressing , parents should refrain from refusing to refute the child. Be patient and listen to the baby's disgust. For example, the baby is afraid of the hair clipper and barber shop environment, etc., and the parents patiently comfort the child until the baby's heart is opened. Do not threaten or force kids, This will only be counterproductive.

4 Haircuts should be quick and prompt.

Beacuse kids stay quiet time will not keep long

5 . Be sure to praise your child after haircut.

clean up any broken hair that sticks to your child's face and neck.

6 Go to Kids Barber Shop.

The barbershop environment for adults is not interested for children ,The professional children's hair salon, from the decoration layout, interior design are all based on the baby's psychological design, so that the baby has a feeling in the amusement park, children will more like it. The most important thing is that there equipped with professional children hairdressing equipments and kids styling chair which greatly help for kids .hair-cutting

Finally, pay attention to protect the child. Whenever a child has a haircut, there are always people tease child's hairstyle. The parents should keep prasie them so that they feels that their hairstyle is beautiful. And everyone likes his or her new haircut, By this way ,overtime it will greatly reduce the fear of haircut.

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