How to choose transparent protective cover for salon chairs

How to choose the right transparent protective cover for hair salon chairs

When the hair salon just bought a hair salon chair, it was accidentally stained with dye when perming and dyeing hair. It could not be washed off and became uglier the more it was wiped.

It not only affects the appearance of the chair, but also affects the customer experience, and it does not match the grade of the hair salon

It is a pity to replace it with a new one, and the better hair salon chairs are not cheap

Is there a better solution?

Mobile phones have protective covers, which can make the mobile phones bright and new after a few years of use. Hair salon chairs also have transparent protective covers to avoid dirtying the chair when dyeing hair, so that the hair salon chair is bright and new, and it is classy.

So how to choose the right transparent protective cover for hair salon chairs?

Two common problems in installing hair salon chair covers

01. The size is not suitable. Either it is too loose to fit in if it is too large, which is not beautiful, or it is too small to fit in.

The chairs look the same, but they are made by different manufacturers, so the sizes may be different. You need to measure the actual size and customize it according to the size.

02. The hairdressing chair cover is not fit after the protective cover is put on, it is a little wrinkled, and it is not up to standard.

The material of the transparent protective cover of the hairdressing chair is food-grade PVC. The thicker the cover is, the more beautiful it is. 1mm thickness is ideal.

Most of them on the market are made of 0.3mm thickness. There will be a little wrinkles, but it does not affect the use. It is mainly easier to process. Too thick needles and threads are not easy to sew. The corresponding raw materials and processing costs of thickened ones will be higher.

Summary: Like a mobile phone case, spend a few dozen yuan to add a protective cover to the chair. The chair can be used for a few more years and is still bright and beautiful. It is still very cost-effective.

For ordinary models, choose 0.3mm. If the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to use a 1mm thick hairdressing chair transparent protective cover, which is fit, beautiful and upscale.



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