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What are the basic functions of waiting area chairs?

The function of waiting bench is refer to its main purpose. waiting room seating as publlic seating. It is generally used in airports, railway stations, subways, , hospitals, banks, administrative service centers, etc. And aslo in some small beauty salons, canteens, clinic etc. Usually few be used at home

So it’s function is simple, to provide comfortable seats. It not like cinema chairs, ladder-style chairs that can be folded, with bookshelves, mats, storage bags and other functions.


1. Environmental : environment-friendly and can be repeated use.

2. Fireproof and Moisture-proof safe use.

3.Easy maintenance: convenient for cleaning and maintenance, you can directly wipe with a cleaner.

4.Long service life: compared to wood furniture, steel furniture has a longer life and is not easily deformed or cracked.


1.According to material: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, steel, iron, plastic, and so on.

2.According to number of seaters: 1/2/3/4/5/6 seaters  (longer needs for customization)

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How many seaters of chairs can be made?

First, the chair beamwill use 2MM thick steel pipe, after anti-rust treatment, electrostatic spraying.Therefore, Max is do up to 5 or 6 seater. If you do more than six rows, the long beam bearing capacity is not so good, after long time usage, the middle part will potential to bend down.
Here's a brief description of the size of the airport chair: (for reference only)
1 seats:  680mm (width) * 770mm  (height) * 650mm (length)
2 seats: 1230mm (length) * 770mm (high)
3 seats: 1800mm (length) * 770mm (high)
4 seats: 2360mm (length) * 770mm (high)

5 seats: 2980mm (length) * 770mm (high)

The common requirements for chair armrests

1. The armrests for each seat are provided . The installation of handrails should not affect the width of the seat. In the design of the structure of the seat and the spacing of the seats, the requirements for installing the armrests at each seat interval must be meet.

2. Material: Non-metallic materials (nylon PA66, fiber GF) .

3. Non-metallic materials (nylon PA66, fiber GF) crossbeam performance indicators Technical parameters: Tensile coefficient (ISO527) 16000Kpa; Impact strength (ISO179) 80kg/m2. Thermal properties Technical parameters: Melting point (ISO11357) 260 °C. Electrical characteristics: dielectric strength (IEC 60243-1) 33KV/MM. General parameters: Density (ISO1183) 1.5G/CM3; Flame Retardant (ISO1210) B1 (HB)

1, the use of high-quality aluminum alloy material, hexagonal structure (80mm * 80mm * 3.0mm) is characterized by superior load-bearing capacity and structural stability.

2, a high degree of moisture rust

3, tensile strength: 380 N/mm2.

4. Elongation: 42%.

5, deformation breakpoint: 245N/mm2.

Which is the best type of steel?

The usual choose: 2.0MM cold-rolled steel, there are also other choice with stainless steel (201,304, etc.)

Cold-rolled steel features:

The raw materials of cold-rolled coils : hot rolled coils, rolled at room temperature below the crystallization temperature, which include: plates, rolls, can be called steel plates, also known as box plates, flat plates; The length is very long,Production process: Because there is no need for heating in the production process, there are no defects such as pitting and oxide scale that often occur in hot rolling, and the surface quality is good and the finish is high. And  high dimensional accuracy. The product's performance can meet some special use requirements, such as electromagnetic performance, deep-drawn performance.
Specifications: Thickness 0.2-4mm, width 600-2000mm, length  1200-6000mm.
Performance: The main use of low-carbon steel grades requires good cold bending and welding performance.
Application: Cold rolled plate are widely used, such as automotive manufacturing, electrical products, rolling stock, aviation, precision instruments, food cans, etc.The Cold-rolled steel sheet is an abbreviation of ordinary carbon structural steel cold-rolled sheet, also called cold-rolled sheet, commonly known as cold sheet, The cold plate is made of ordinary carbon structural steel hot rolled steel s, after further cold rolling Made of steel plate less than 4mm thick. Due to rolling at room temperature, no scale is produced. Therefore, the surface quality of the cold plate is good and the dimensional accuracy is high. Together with the annealing treatment, the mechanical properties and the process performance are both Better than hot-rolled steel sheet, in many fields, especially home appliances manufacturing, has gradually replaced hot-rolled steel sheet.

Stainless steel 201 plate:

The nickel in 201 stainless steel is low only about 0.8-1, and the chromium is about 13-15. Due to the difference Proportion in nickel-chromium , their physical properties are also different.

201 stainless steel lacks toughness, requires more force during the drawing process, and excessive quenching, affects the overall stainless steel performance, and is also easy to crack.

201 stainless steel containing high manganese, harmful to humans. The food-grade stainless steels are now of 304 stainless steel and above. Because of the high manganese content in 201 stainless steels, manganese is highly toxic to the human nervous system.

The state has banned the use of raw materials for pots and pans. Therefore, for the sake of people's health, especially thoseare close to the food source, do not use 201 stainless steel.

Chair installation


2. Adjust the feet


4. Beam

5.10*100mml screws (installing armrests and beam)

6.8*8mm screws (mounting seat and seat support)

7. seat support

8. Seat

9.8*12MM screws (mounting seat support and beam)

Tools: 6CM wrenches, 8CM wrenches

What problems will occur during usage?

After purchase , we need daily maintenance. If there is no maintenance for a long time, some problems will appear:

1. Rusty

Metal exposed to the air for a long time will more or less  of rust. Especially in the connection part between accessories . However, there are powerful manufacturers will do anti-rust treatment on the chair


Corrosion is a more serious condition, and there are many conditions and factors lead to corrosion. Mostly because of the high density of people, some people left acidic beverages or physical objects on the chairs, and  not be cleaned in time. Usually manufacturers will also do anti-corrosion treatment

3. Burst

Unless chair has been used for many years or it has not been maintained for a long time, it seems that many aluminum alloy doors and aluminum alloy windows will burst, but this situation is rarely seen unless it is caused by human external forces.

4. Screw loose

The screws loose because the chairs are used for a long period of time, or they are not fixed in place. They often sway heavily in areas where people in high density of flow, and external factors cause the screws to loosen, but that case is extremely rare.

Waiting chair purchase and maintenance

The chair should be easy to repair and clean, and should be comfortable ,  So how can we reach the above request: Pay attention to the following points in the purchase

First, the seat armrest height, width, depth should be reasonable.

The chair armrests are generally made of aluminum alloy or steel materials, and the large-scale casting molds be molded after die-casting and further do surface finish by powder coating or electroplated. Better electroplated. Unsuitable handrail heights can cause rapid shoulder fatigue. When we read documents or newspapers, the arms placed on the armrests are usually outward. Slightly open to inverted in order to read .

Second, breathable fabric raw materials

Before choosing the right chair material, we must first study the relative needs of human comfort. When the ambient temperature is neutral, the human body feels comfortable. The human body and the external environment maintain a thermal balance and neither sweat nor cold. When this balance is broken, the human body will generate more calories through chills, and may excrete heat through the sweat in a transpirational manner. Therefore, whether or not the body temperature can be properly maintained or the heat is released in time becomes the main Measure factor of the chair data.

Third, the seat

the general choice of 1.8MM or 1.5MM thickness  cold rolled can choose add a leather pad. In addition, it is also necessary to see whether the metal fittings are strong. It is best to sit for a while. the normal lifespan of our company's airport chair products: 10 years.


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