Steel waiting area seating

Modern waiting room chair types

By material: aluminum alloy/steel/stainless steel chairs.

By style classification: single person/double seater/3 seaters/multi-position  chair, with armrest or without armrest chair, infusion rod chair, with coffee table chair etc.

waiting area seating construction

The main components: beams, armrests, seats,leg, screws, wrenches and other accessories

Chair workmanship

Armrest and leg part:  use of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, high-quality steel materials, by precision casting mold die-casting then do polishing and rust treatment ,further podwer coating or chrome plating. Better effect for chrome plating.

Seat part: use of material 1.5MM thickness cold rolled steel,powder coating after anti-rust treament, Can choose to add cushion on seat if need.

Application places

As a classic public waiting area furniture,it with a wide range of applied places  such as: airport seating , (train/bus station bench) waiting room seating, waiting chairs for hospital, clinics, nursing homes, orphanages, banks, (securities/equity) exchanges, hotels, offices, conference rooms, entertainment Places, parks, churches and other public places.

Chair producation process

1.Dimensions:  The widths of the seat are 54cm, 52cm, 50cm, 48cm, and 46cm; the height is 78cm/70cm; the length of usually is about 58-60cm

2, Seat:  use of 1.5mm thick cold-rolled steel plate

Process flow: anti-rust treatment → electronic polishing → spray (with silver gray, blue, black, green, red color etc selection)

3, Armrests and leg: 1.2 mm thick cold-rolled steel plat

Process flow: die casting → deep drawing steel plate → high strength welding → fine polishing → plating

4, Seat side strip: use of 1.5mm cold-rolled steel;

Process flow: Instrument angle adjustment → tension bending → fine polishing → plating
5. Beam: Cross-section: 40 × 80mm, 1.8 mm thick high-strength steel pipe;

Process flow: steel pipe cutting → perforation → anti-rust treatment → polishing → powder coating (black)

Chair Packaging

3 carton packaging: chair seat in one carton, armrests leg and accessories in one carton beam in one carton



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