What is quick hair cut?

Quick hair cut is a new type of barber shop that emerged in the era of fast paced. The brand-new business model origin from Japan maximizes the cumbersome processes of traditional hair salons and retains only the most professional hairdressing links. The unique hair removal equipment and ultraviolet disinfection ensure that the service process is hygienic and comfortable. Supported by dry cutting technology, cutting hair style quickly is the only purpose. There is no sales and no nonsense. Everything is simple here.

Quick cut barber shops generally have four major equipments, they are quick sheearing cabinets, disinfection cabinets, hair suction devices and ticket cash registers. no boss is in the store, only the barber can ensure the normal operation of a store.

1. Quick shearing cabinet

Different from the traditional hairdressing shop mirror table, the quick-cut hairdressing mirror cabinet is a multifunctional hairdressing cabinet that integrates the hairdressing mirror table, storage , broken hair collection and tool disinfection. When a customer comes for a haircut, the hairdresser will first take out the scarf paper on the hairdressing mirror cabinet to help the customer wrap it, put on the haircut cloak, and then take out the haircutting tool from the disinfection cabinet to start the haircut. At the end of the haircut, the hairdresser will turn on the hair suction power switch and begin to clean the hair of the customer. Finally, sweep all the broken hair to the hair opening, and the hair absorber in the hairdressing mirror cabinet will suck all the broken hair into the trash can. There are many manufacturers selling quick-cut hairdressing mirror cabinets, and the quality and functional styles on the market are not much different, mainly depending on the plate and workmanship.

2. Quick cut hair sucker

Hair suckers have separate suction and low suction. After customers cut their hair, a lot of broken hair sticks to their necks, collars, and heads. At this time, the head suction plays an important role. The head suction will be covered with a soft bristle brush head, which is used to suck broken hair without feeling uncomfortable, and even often makes children laugh. Low suction is used to suck rubbish on the ground, which is very simple and easy to operate.

3. Hair cutting tool disinfection cabinet

Use a disinfection cabinet to disinfect 360 degree ultraviolet rays of the hairdressing tools. Disregard a customer and disinfect once. Haircutting tools often come into contact with customers' skin and scalp, etc. Tools that are not cleaned for a long time will breed a lot of bacteria and spread easily. Therefore, it is still necessary to disinfect the hairdressing tools.

4. Quick cut self-service cash register

Quick cut ticket vending machine is a multifunctional ticket vending machine specially designed and developed for fast cut stores. It has comprehensive system functions and supports multiple payment methods such as cash, online payment. It supports video and image carousel advertisements, supports queuing and calling numbers, and supports code scanning and attendance And ticket checking, support mobile phone to check store revenue, support offline use and other functions. From cash register to settlement statistics, a good ticket vending machine design can enhance your store's image, and a good

fast-cut ticket vending machine system allows business owners to save effort and save money. Therefore, when choosing a fast-cut ticket machine, do not blindly choose low-priced products. You must compare the system functions and styles to choose the one that suits you best.



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